Post your covers!

That’s great @Vik , I’m happy you liked doing this. Can’t wait to ear your cover :slight_smile:


“Our House”, by Madness. I chose this song for no other reason than it’s been stuck in my head this week, so I figured, let’s do a bass cover for it :slightly_smiling_face: It’s about 90% true to the recording, (not including my mistakes, lol) but there were some tough syncopated 16th notes and fills that I couldn’t get, so I simplified a few bars.

Some takeaways:

  1. I can see why Josh stresses the Ultimate Groove Workout. Keeping time gets hard when the tempo and chord progressions are moving fast. Even harder towards the end of that cover, where there are 8 bars of a bass solo, and no drums or guitar to help you know where you are. (That’s the reason I didn’t do the whole song, there’s a 16 bar solo coming up after that one :crazy_face:)
  2. Anything over a minute seems like an eternity of bass playing right now! This one was a bit frustrating to learn, but, worth the time put in - better dexterity now, for both fretting and plucking hand, some knowledge of working with a DAW, and other good stuff.

Again, highly recommended for all levels. And, for anyone considering this, give it a try! No judgment here at Bassbuzz Forums, and the worst that can happen is that you’ll learn something.


that’s great @Vik ! :+1: I’m so happy you enjoyed doing this cover :slight_smile: and appreciate the benefits in terms of learning. the knowledge of working with DAW is precious in my opinion, those tools really expand our musical lives.

you can be proud, this song is not slow and you did well. I’m not a teacher but if I try to help with constructive criticism, I’d say your rythmic placement seems to float a little bit, maybe a point you could improve :slight_smile:

again, that’s great ! :+1:


here is a very short and very contextual cover :rofl:


haha excellent


Just a quick word to say I love this thread. Y’all are rad.


Nice @Vik! That’s a super ambitious track to try after doing Beginner to Badass, all that 16th note syncopation would throw plenty of people who’ve been playing for years. As you can probably hear listening back, you go in and out of nailing the rhythms, and drifting off the track a bit - which is great! If you’re getting it sometimes, that means you can get it all the time, with some work.

And yeah, Ultimate Groove Workout! I’ve been doing that since I was a teenager, and I still do it as part of my morning routine. It shows no mercy.

Haha flawless BassBuzz theme cover @terb! Nice all-down picking. :slight_smile:

You should try the new theme out, it’s way more fun -


Thanks @JoshFossgreen ! Yeah, I didn’t realize the level of difficulty on that one until I was already pretty into it! Then, when I was done :man_facepalming: face palm moment - I could’ve just made life easier by picking something from the First 50 Songs book laying on my desk.

Still worth it though & I always appreciate your input! This will make the easier songs way easier now - I’m kind of seeing this already as I go back through B2B - some of those first lessons are almost too easy now, and I’m tempted to skip them, but, it’s a great gauge because every module was a challenge the first time around :slight_smile:


There’s some pretty tough songs in that First 50 book, beware! Like, Hysteria is in there.

A better title for the book is probably “50 songs that gigging bassists must know to make money” :slight_smile:


I’ll consider myself warned! Once I get into a song, I just don’t want to scrap it, even if it’s beyond my ability. I’d rather play it bad, but get through it, then later on, worry about improving.

Not always the best strategy though - some songs end up being real monsters to learn to play!


@Vik, coincidentally, there was a Madness concert on TV here the other night and I was fixated on the bass. Firstly to see what he was playing (I think it was a Fender Jazz), and secondly to see how much of the bass line I could pick out by sight alone.

I love the early Madness, before they became quite pop, and when they played Night Boat to Cairo and One Step Beyond I realised how straightforward much of their bass was. I’ve added those two tracks to me list of “Lines to Learn”.


OK,… It’s Friday Night here in Middle Georgia and all the local high school football teams are getting ready to battle it out down here… So, here’s my (heavy on the bass) rendition of ‘Hey Joe’ as played by one of my favorite lead guitar players (Popa Chubby) with me on my TRBX 304… Ain’t the greatest, but at least I’m having fun!!

Hey Joe w-Bass Line2 by DBF Lanny

on #SoundCloud


hey @Lanny , that’s great ! your bass line is pretty clean and neat ! you and the 304 are doing the job pretty well, almost ready to go gigging with Popa Chubby :sunglasses:

I’m so happy to ear your covers, guys ! :smiley:


Thanks @terb… The 304 with half-rounds has a much smoother/cooler tone than the 174 with round-wounds which (IMHO) gives the song contrast to the Popa Chubby style, and (again, IMHO) helps lift his lead riffs so that his style becomes the highlight of the arrangement.

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yeah it sounds a bit dark and mellow, but nothing extreme. I like how a dark bass tone acts as a foundation on the mix.

by the way I’m convinced that tone choices are an important part of the music creation process. It’s very personnal and often contextual, so it reflects a part of the player’s personnality and vision of a particular song. and obviously it’s an important part of the mix and of the final render of the song !


Love that Hendrix jam, and your bass sounds great - heck, just going for 6 minutes straight is way more than I can do at this point, so to me, just that is awesome!


Couldn’t agree more! When I trey to explain “groove” to anyone, I always explain it this way… “Groove = Mood + Tone”


Thanks @Vik… I’ve played to several renditions of that song and still have trouble with the Hendrix version which is why I chose Popa Chubby’s even though his version is way longer than Hendrix. Gary Moore has a version out there also, but it’s played at a much slower tempo that is a bit too slow for my style…


Here is a YouTube channel with about 400 bass covers, where you have the nice playalong visual, (yeah, I got spoiled with that in B2B!). But it comes in handy for learning these, in case anyone wants to try some of these.

Just click the three horizontal bar icon in the top right corner, there are even more than that on the channel itself.


Very good, @Vik . . . :slight_smile:

I’ve saved a couple of tracks from his channel.