Post your covers!

Good point I forget about this.
Certainly is an issue


@Barney , @John_E , @howard , @dlamson13 ,
Thanks for the kind words and mixing advice. It’s greatly appreciated.

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Another great cover @JerryP
The bass sounded sweet to me once I listened to it through my headphones .
Your prolific covers are certainly putting me to shame

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Thanks @Mac !

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Inspired by @JerryP’s prolific output, I learned this last night and recorded it this morning.

This was one of the songs playing in my workshop when I was refinishing the Bass in the video (Ibanez TMB30). It was my first time refinishing a Bass and spraying nitrocellulose. I created a playlist to remind me to relax, don’t rush and enjoy the process. This was one of those songs. The still pictures in the video are from the build.

As a reference point for those starting out on the B2B course this is a bit over 1 1/2 years since picking up a Bass for the first time. Practice kids, lots of enjoyable practice is where it’s at. Cheers Amigos

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Great cover @Barney ! Love that song and the new bass sounds great! Very nicely done!


Well done all around. Nice tribute to the build too. The finish came out great great great. Shiny!

Sounds good. Never heard of the tune.


The bass came out great @Barney and it was really neat to see the build pics. The color pops especially with the black hardware. Enjoyed the cover too, great playing, like the punchy tone on the chugging parts!


I didn’t know it until a few years ago. Heard it at work sometime and used Shazzam to find out who it was. Fun one to learn (it’s pretty straight ahead).

The original video is pure 90s awesome. Dodgy facial hair and mullets as far as the eye can see. Fabulous.


Cool cover and video @Barney .
That bass sounds as sweet as


Great creative work @Barney. Video was entertaining, playing was spot on, and junior bass turned out fantastic. Did you ever get your chainsaw running? Nothing kills a Stihl.


German Engineering @AnotherJosh it always runs. They know what they’ve doing, unlike me.