Post your covers!

Thx terb!
To clarify, I just had the ipad plugged into the aux input on the amp, to get the song playing through. (Side note that it’s just the main studio song on youtube, without removing the bassline or any other fancy stuff). I have used my laptop and my iphone before for sound - anything that will get the song over to the amp. I’m sure you get that.
But for this particular recording, it was just the input plugged in, and not the iphone for audio-out recording purposes. The iphone recorded my video, and the audio was just what came through the amp speaker into the room.
I did get the idea, late last night, to see about plugging the iphone in to the headphone jack on the amp - as the recording device - for direct sound. I have a Y-cable for a headphone jack laying around, so I could send amp output to actual headphones and also to the iphone for the audio track of the recoding. That might work, and it might sound better!
Good thought! But - that’s how I made this recording. Just want to set the record straight


Awesome that you shared a cover, and a video cover no less - it is not an easy thing to do, especially the first time around! Thanks!

What I like about video covers is that you can see how people play - and that also always makes me re-think my own approaches, but it also gives new inspirations.

I noticed that you use your ring finger quite heavily, while you basically all but hide your pinky away (it’s almost as if you were in the Yakuza and prepared for that time when you’d have to do penance and cut your pinky off :wink:). I don’t think your pinky even once hit a fret…
For me, it is the exact opposite, which is why I found it fascinating to watch.

So, is this by design, by chance, by “tradition”, or because of a condition in your hand/fingers??


Thanks for the details. I too was wondering about the headphone jack but now I’ve been pointed in the input on my Zoom by @Krescht I’m going to give that a go.


Thx Joerg!
Especially with that bass, high action and rouond-wounds, it’s tough for me to get a good tone and no fret buzz with my weak pinky. A bit embarrassing. So I’m working around that.
I’m not too consistent with the left hand and I swap around just a bit with some of the fingering, and I’m also pretty inconsistent with the right hand - despite all the great / constant advice from Josh throughout the program.
And - I have the flying fingers that he mentions in one of his videos.
Lots to work on!!! :slight_smile:


For sure :slight_smile: Inconsistent fingering and plucking are also areas I struggle with. But, they are important as they can impede your speed, but also influence your sound.


Great Cover @Jack667!! A few issues with timing in a couple spots, but for your first recording you did a superb job! Open room recordings are a bit tricky given the open environment, but you did a good job with what you had to work with.

Is it just me, or do I notice that you don’t anchor your thumb on anything when plucking the E string? Anchoring while finger plucking can help control the amount of force you use when plucking. The amount of upward force will control the consistency of amplitude of the frequency being developed from the string - just an observation, and we all learn our own tricks to make things sound right for each of us…

Looking forward to hearing more! Keep ‘em comin’!

Keep on Thumpin’!


Lanny - thx for feedback and for calling out the thumb anchor! More to work on! :slight_smile:
I appreciate all the suggestions - all great points!


yes that’s what I understood and that’s why I was impressed by the sound ! not the best studio quality of course, but everything was still very clear and easy to ear.

it was exactly what I meant, speaking about the sound quality. thank you @Lanny for saying that in a much better way !

a very interesting point, don’t miss that one @Jack667 ! :grin:

yeah I agree, it adds another level to the cover. also it’s way more fun than a pure audio cover in my opinion :grin:

I’m very happy to see more and more BassBuzzians recording and sharing video covers, that’s insanely cool ! you all rock ! :sunglasses:


I fear a country overdose, so here is a little pause :grin:

Gouge Away - Wilt (I Won’t)

I really love this band, it’s pretty close to what I’d like to play in my next band. By the way, if you know some bands in the same style, I’m very interested. (@Gio maybe ?)

The bassline I play is the same than the one on the album. I like this line very much : it’s not complicated but works very well with the song, and brings a nice ground and structure to the composition, in my opinion.

A quick word about the tuning : from what I believe to see on live videos, I think the bass is tuned to Standard D# (D#G#C#F#). I can’t use this tuning with Greenie because of the light string gauge, so I’m playing the line tuned in Drop D (DADG) and so my fingering is different.

About the sound and technique, and in my tradition to use the covers to make various tests : it’s a test run of my “new” Line 6 Bass Floor POD. no external compression or overdrive pedal or anything, it’s only Greenie plugged directly into the Bass Floor POD, then straight into the DAI. you can see that the gain range is very large on this device : here it’s only set to 3,5 / 10 on the Ampeg SVT simulation ! which I find sounds more like an SVT-CL than a SVT-VR (and that’s perfectly fine for me). also I used a little bit of compression with the integrated “opto comp”, which seems to be very probably derived from the LA-2A simulation of the first Bass POD. and that’s pretty much it :slight_smile:

Overall the Bass Floor POD is more designed for live than studio use. For pure studio work, I prefer the rackmount Bass POD Pro and a bunch of carefully selected analog pedals. the DAC are better, there are way more sound shaping options and possibilitues, and it all feels just more … serious. Anyway the Bass Floor POD works very well and is totally suitable for recording (at least non-pro recording), in a very compact and comprehensive format. I really like the Bass Floor POD and I most certainly will use it for future rehersals, and possibly concerts.


Solid work @terb,
Nice full sound from the bass.
Cheers Brian


Hi B2B friends, here is my first cover.
I am still trying to get all this recording stuff worked out.
Hope you enjoy it
Cheers Brian


Nice job Brian. Great first cover.


Well done! Excellent, relaxed playing. And I reckon you’ve got the “recording stuff” sorted too!


Thanks @JerryP,
It’s hard to focus on trying to make sure you stay in the groove get the video started, get the music on etc, I’m glad I have finished it and I know I will get better as I go along😎


Thanks for the feedback @sfadams,
Appreciate it.
Cheers Brian


Nice job all round @b.s.excavations :+1:


that’s a great first cover @b.s.excavations ! the sound and video quality are good, I really like the punchy tone of your CBS Precision :grin: how did you manage to record ? I’m always interested by the tech part

also despite a few very small timing issue, the bass line is pretty clean and well played, with nice and consistent attacks. you can be proud ! :+1:


They are so good. And your cover is awesome :slight_smile:

For similar bands actually Sonic Youth might be worth checking out. Not exactly the same, more grunge (and I like Gouge Away better) but worth a listen.


That was awesome! I really love the solid P-bass tone you’ve got going there. Well done!


thanks @howard , I know Sonic Youth and one time I even did a long trip to see them playing live in Paris :grin: