Posting a video

I almost have the nerve to post a video of myself playing but I’m not sure how to do that. I’ll be trying to post from my iPad or iPhone.


You need to put the video on a hosting site, like YouTube or Vimeo or something similar (if you have your own site, that works too). Then, just post the link here. YouTube and Vimeo will embed automatically if you put the link on it’s own line.

Any problems, let us know and someone will be able to help you. And don’t worry about nerve - all friendly people here. you got this!


just make sure the link is not on the top line of the post, it doesn’t embed for some reason there.


I tried that, and it worked for me…


Do it! No better place to put yourself out there than here :+1:


You should not be worried about posting stuff here. I love this community for lots of reasons, but right at the top of the list is that you don’t receive harsh criticism here. You will receive honest positive feedback where appropriate and polite suggestions of things you might try to improve on, but never anything that isn’t well intentioned polite tips.

We don’t give people a hard time for asking the same few questions that have been asked and answered 3 times a week forever… because this is the appropriate forum for those questions. Same goes for anyone willing to put themselves out there and post their work here.

If I wanted to hear the song played perfectly there are other places to go where I can find that. This is the place for getting to see other beginners successes and struggles so we can all grow and learn together!