Putting in the work

Yeah, the shot really took the wind out of my sails in a way I didn’t expect. Hadn’t felt that bad since I had contracted pneumonia as a teen. A day later, and it was like nothing had happened. Bodies are strange indeed.

There’s a running bet between my wife and I on what instrument my daughter will pick up. My bet is on saxophone, my wife thinks guitar. Either way, given how prevalent music is in both of our lives (my wife is a band kid, I sang in national choir groups for a while), she’ll pick some noisemaker up almost guaranteed.


At about 9 months to a year, invest in a set of drum sticks. Only allow her to play with them while supervised, but get them in her hand early.
Just saying, it would be cool to have a trio family.

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Checking back in today. Took her to my local Guitar Center and got her a pair of drumsticks. Did not take her long before she started tapping on the car window on the way home. Few more months, and we’ll get a metronome and a few buckets!