Questions about OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software)

If you want to be able to edit the audio at all, recording in Reaper and syncing later will be a far better workflow.

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That is what I’m looking for. Finding the simplest way to post cover videos.

I’m glad to see others are having success with it. Hopefully we’ll start to see more people joining in here.

I’m really surprised at how much I’m enjoying Reaper and I’m looking forward to using it more for recording with my son.

For making really basic cover videos, OBS is too easy to pass up. Doing the cover videos, at this point, is about ticking off the accomplishment of learning and recording full songs. Also, it gives something to work on while I’m learning more about Reaper.

I don’t understand what you mean. It’s, literally, designed for streaming and recording. Is it a work flow thing for you?

Your videos are pretty elaborate in production and I know doing the video/audio production is another interest of yours. I can see that it wouldn’t work for you given what you do.

Do you use the DroidCam app for this?

Part of going through this process is my effort to find the easiest way for myself and other newbies to be able to participate and get stuff recorded.


What is that?

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Nice to see your getting along @eric.kiser
I’ve used OSB and Droidcam app for the last couple of months. For video recording as well as live streaming it’s easy.

Just make sure your WIFI network is as optimal as you can get it. (I have a heavy broadband due to work as well)
It keeps a lot of faults and hickups out of your recording or life stream.

It’s been used for some streaming concerts around here. That was a lot of fun and worked out of the box with OSB and up to 6 camera’s (phone’s with Droidcam) Sound was then done with some mic’s and a mixer for on stage sound. Which we partly used in de mix of the live stream.

I’m very pleased with the simplisity and workflow. Looking from live streaming to a basic video recording. We don’t need a video production, so no hardcore editing. Sometime some overdub, but that’s it.


That’s an app for on your phone to record throught your phone directly to OSB on your laptop or PC. Works best with a good WIFI Network.


Whenever I use my phone as Cam2, I record and save the video directly to the phone. I then transfer the video to the pc on my editing desk, where I import it into Resolve as one of the multicam tracks (I do the same thing with Cam1 and Cam2). It sounds like a lot of steps, but it really doesn’t take that much time or effort.
Thanks for the info about Droidcam. I may look into it and see if it could be of use to me.

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That sounds damn cool to have been a part of.


It sure was :musical_note: