Quiet bridge pup on new bass…

Would love some advice on this! I recently bought a new Squire Jazz and the bridge pick up is super quiet. I will be taking it back to the shop, but first I want to be prepared! I can imagine them telling me that because this is a bass guitar it has more output on the neck pup. :joy:
Please let me know if it’s unreasonable to expect some output from the bridge! I have attached a screenshot from my software to show a comparison between neck and bridge. TIA! :hugs:

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Try raising the pickup? The screws you see on it make it go up and down. See if you can raise it a mm or two.

Also obviously make sure its volume is up. If it is a normal jazz bass your knobs are volume/volume/tone. Just crank them all to max.

Thanks, Howard! I had actually just come back to edit my post to say that I did have the volume all the way up :joy:
I think the pick ups are already in a pretty good position, but I will take another look. Thanks again!

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Good luck! Can’t hurt to have someone look at it and if you just bought it new you should be entitled to warranty work if needed.