Raising money for brain injury support through bass

I got my first bass when 15. shortly after I suffered a traumatic brain injury. not really able to play, I started Pass the Bass. I’m getting bassists to play mine, selling merch, money goes to the Brain Injury Association of America. over 50 have played mine; lucky to watch Fat Mike with Nofx, Matt Freeman with Rancid, Ken Casey with Dropkick Murphys, Jay Bentley with Bad Religion… some great bassists with mine. donated over $16,000. just really trying to spread the word, turn it into something bigger


Hey is this the guy who did like a glossy black 10-or-so strings bass that you sent to you tubers?

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If so that’s so cool!


@dylanflynn1984 do you have link to where we can learn more about this?


Just a quick one to say that’s awesome, and well done.

I had a brain haemorrhage back in '09 and my parents were told to prepare their goodbyes on my first night in ICU.

It’s great to see others making positives from challenges they face.


Yeah, I have had Major head trauma in 2 accidents in my life time.
A car crash where I was cut from the car with Jaws of life in 1990 and then I just lost consciousness and fell straight back, smacking-my head on concrete with all my body weight back in May 2013.
Fortunately for me, I have had no major brain damage that has limited my motor functions or ability to live a normal life, but yeah, the friends and fam were told to prepare for the worst.

Yeah, I fully appreciate and support what you are doing.
More info would be great.

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I just turned 36. June 6 will be 21 years since I suffered a tbi in an auto accident. no recollection, was told it was estimated that I hit the tree at around 70 mph. was in a coma for 12 days. one point a nurse walked up to my mother, told her it was time to start grieving for her son. my mother was then told I’d spend my life in a nursing home. walked out of rehab, went home about 10 weeks after the injury. have lived an independent life since.

April is going to be 6 years since I started this campaign. sucks it’s not me, love watching my bass played, been lucky to watch some amazing bassists with mine. over 50 bassists have played mine, donated over $16,000. really trying to make more people aware of this, turn it into something bigger

look up Pass the Bass