Record Myself - What to do?


So I was thinking of putting down a few recordings of myself for the purpose of sharing with others. I’ve been asked in the past for a “sample of my playing” when being considered for a role in a band so I feel it would be good to have a few on hand.

My question to you experienced guys/gals is what should I record myself doing? Play along to a favorite song that is the type of music I like? Record me noodling around to a jam track and freestyling a little bit?

Thanks for any tips.


Video yourself at an open mic soloing on bass for at least ten minutes.


Hey Caleb, it depends on what you wanna do with the recordings. If a band wants to hear you play, they want to hear you play in context, so record yourself playing along with songs in that style (with the original bass track dipped down with EQ if possible).

Ideally you’ll have audio of you actually playing with a live band, but if you’re not there yet, then do what you can!

And if you follow @ChadGlass’s advice, make sure to put up some chicken wire to catch the beer bottles first. :stuck_out_tongue: :beer: :cowboy_hat_face:


+1 to all of @JoshFossgreen’s good words.

Either playing in a band, playing a recognizable, obvious-that-you-can-keep-a-groove solo-bass-line cover (if you can’t get the mix with the original audio), or the your bass with the original recording idea.

That’s what I’d want from my prospective bassist - and definitely in the style of music that the band is playing - preferably from their list of songs that they play.

Good luck!!



if you can solo for a while and make it entertaining then you’re probably pretty good :wink: