So I have a Samsung galaxy note 9 and an interest in messing around with recording some jam sessions etc. if not just to re watch and pick apart my playing.

sadly I have no idea how to go about it. Anyone have any experience with recording with a phone? how do you pull audio from your amp directly? what app do you use? etc.

Really interested since I use headphones when I play sometimes or have background noise. pulling sound directly from the amp is a big want on my end.


I really do not know @Mao but I am sure someone will. I have seen people use an iRig to connect to their phone to record bass/audio/video maybe that’s the ticket


I’ve managed teh Audio portion using my amp and a 1/4 jack to usb leading into my computer, and recording through RX 8.

Now I’m just trying to get the phone set up. If I cant I might grab my old GoPro and use that, granted its nowhere near as good of quality as my phone it should still suffice.


This is such a huge topic.
You have a lot of reading and trial and error ahead of you.
I’m going to point you to some other threads we have going.


Hi, sorry if this topic is already covered

I use an iRig 2 to connect my bass on the one side and to my Mac/Garageband on the other side. As you can see/hear from two covers I have posted here, the bass recording is OK.

I have a Laney RB2 that has a provision for DI OUT. I purchased an interface cable ( Alesis MicLink AudioLink Series XLR-to-USB Cable) that connects on one end to this DI OUT and has a USB on the other end.

Question: Has anyone/is it possible to connect DI OUT directly to a computer i.e., for example to MAC/garageband and record bass? I have tried it and bass gets recorded on garageband but it was horrible and I had to quickly switch back to iRig 2.

Any experiences?

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No, a DI out will still require a USB audio interface of some kind, either one like the one built in to the converter cable you bought, or a dedicated DAI like a Focusrite or Zoom.

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Before I purchased my DAI, I use to use a Rockfish cable from my bass to a USB port on my MacBook. From there, recorded directly into GB. It works pretty good, but you really need to focus on your onboard bass settings in order to get a fairly clean recording. A dedicated DAI is a much better option to be able to better control input and alleviate clipping.

I also have an iRig2 that I use when my wife and I travel in the motorhome. Works pretty good, easy to use, light, portable, and works with both my MacBook and iPad.

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