Ring finger unwanted muting

I’m finding that when I have to quickly switch back and forth between notes where my index/middle finger is playing on the D string and my ring finger is playing a note on the A string that my ring finger keeps messing up my notes on the D string.

I know I need to practice lifting my ring finger just high enough to not be touching the D string but still be ready to come back down for the next note on the A string, but does anyone have any tips for practicing this or technique strategies I can use?

Thanks so much!


For issues like this I tend to break things down to really repetitive muscle-focus exercises.
Something like this:
Variation 1:

first finger G to third finger D // 2nd finger G to third finger D // do this on every set of adjacent strings until you’re on the A and E strings then -

third finger E to first finger A // fourth finger E to 3rd finger A // do this on every set of adjacent strings until you’re back to D and G strings.

I’d recommend starting it at 5th or 7th fret just so that frets are a bit closer together and hopefully more comfortable to reach.

Lemme know if this is at all clear?


That sounds like a great way to practice it. I’ll try it out slowly tomorrow and gradually build up speed. Thank you so much!


Right on!
I realized there were typos in there… but I think it works as written.
The idea is just to find something repetitive and focused to try and really observe what’s happening - correct it in slow motion - then build up correct/improved technique and build it up to speed.
Any combination of the string crossing with fingers emphasizing that move to the 3rd string would be great.