Sam Ash Going Out of Business Deals

Yes Marcus has a Fender Signature model. A few are made in USA and the rest are just as impressive quality Made in Japan. Model after the ‘75 Fender Jazz bass where it features 3 bolt neck and the bridge pickup position closer to the bridge than the standard model.

The original Marcus Miller Fender has the Roger Sadowsky style Preamp Vol/ Vol, passive/ active switch, Bass and Treble boost and cut, no mid control. Super awesome when playing Marcus Miller thumb and slapping style.

I upgraded mine to the John East Marcus Retro preamp, which add mid/ mid sweep


Thanks for sharing this!

I’m something of a deal finder/bargain hunter so I love this kind of stuff.

Makes me wish the import/duty fees to Canada weren’t so hefty.

Still nice to window shop I guess haha.

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Well, @chrisstl other than the first few responses to the OP’s actual title of this thread, it’s drifted off the rails to a Fender/Sire discussion :scream: :smiley_cat:
Anyone seeing deals or progressive reductions from Sam Ash that would be of interest?


Unfortunately the good stuff’s already got “dips” from employees to me posted on OfferUp or reverb.

There’s not much of anything worth getting 10-20% off in pretty standard discount everywhere else.

I was at my local Sam Ash the first day it was pretty underwhelming. There’s some “40% off” but off of MSRP which is about 10% off what you’d see on the market

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We did a Fender factory tour a few years back, where this interesting-to-me but somewhat useless factoid was demonstrated (in a much better way than my hacked up photoshop):

ETA: I think originally the design was driven by manufacturing efficiency.


My first thought on seeing that image (maybe incorrect) was maximizing material (minimizing material usage).

That tallies with Leo Fender’s attitude. They used car paint on the bodies because they could get it cheap. If you’ve read any of the history on early Fender that’s the ethos.


Leo is not cheap he’s frugal. He would eat packed lunch and not spend on a roach coach to save a few bucks. He counts the saving in how many capacitors he could get by eating packed lunch. In the end, he wants his products to last.