Setup help : BUZzzz Buzzz buzz

If you are going to be doing any type of setup work, I recommend the MusicNomad Precision Setup Gauge Set. I was taking my basses to a supposedly well-respected guitar shop. I was new to playing and I had a heck of a time playing them when I go them back. Buzz, buzz, buzz. I am a big guy with strong hands and my hands killed me after playing. I ordered the kit and decided to try my own setups. Night and day difference. The guitar shop had my action so high the basses were almost unplayable. And they still buzzed. A couple of hours of work and my basses all play buzz free with low action. I am a big fan of MusicNomadn and FretGuru products. Having the kit has also saved me from the dreaded summer to winter swings that my basses go through.


I didn’t know about FretGuru (doesn’t seem to be available everywhere in France) until now but I knew The MusicNomad tool set. Counting all the tools I needed, I’m still below The MusicNomad kit regarding the price but … buying the kit, I would have got all the tools I needed in one swift move. That needs to be considered indeed.