"Share some good music" Friday

Yes! Liking this. Sounds so familiar but never heard them before.

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Thanks, I’d never heard of djent before and really enjoyed it. But, so many pedals…yikes!

Haha, yes, never scrimp on equipment, right!? :grin:

If you want to hear some hardcore djent, check out the band “Animals as Leaders”!

A handy guide:

(with a comment of “combine them and you get “Animals as Leaders”!”) :slight_smile:


Haha, this is hilarious - and very well done, too! :grin:

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OK, I’ll just leave this here for your enjoyment and amazement: Snarky Puppy led by bassist Michael League playing “Lingus” - awesome musicianship - complexity with a lot of feel! The highlight is that mindboggling synth solo - just try tapping along with that basic vamp during the solo and through the remainder of the song :grin:

Happy Friday!

These folks are so rad. Snarky Puppy is doing so much to keep jazz relevant and awesome today. Good shout, for sure.


Happy Friday, everyone!

I feel like having some Zappa today… always defying genres and any attempts to put labels onto his music or being sorted into neat little boxes…

Zoot Allures from the eponymous album:

And here is a version highlighting some of the cool bass lines (off a live version of Zoot Allures):



Yes to Zappa! Cool bass tone on that track. And a classic questionable guitar solo from Frank. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I’m listening to today, stealing some licks for a funny guitar solo demonstration in an upcoming Youtube vid…


Ah, the 80’s outfits :grin:Stevie’s “scarf” is dangerously close to getting caught up in his strings a couple of times… And that tail :rofl:

Please keep us updated when your funny video goes online, @JoshFossgreen



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Getting in early this week :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, somewhere on the globe it is already Friday :grin:

Thanks for sharing - hadn’t heard about these guys before… there is something hypnotic about their music… I gotta send that link onto my brother; he’d totally dig that!


But, let’s keep it trance-y for this Friday - House of Waters with Djigee (at least, a good portion of it):

Happy Easter!

Wow cool!!!

This is me today, heard about this guy from Mark Giuliana mentioning him as an influence in an interview:

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Trippy :smile:
I can see how that influenced Giuliana - sounds not too far off what Giuliana recorded with Brad Mehldau.

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Totally! There’s a connection to the BEAT MUSIC records too, which I’m also listening to lately! I need to check out that Mehldau collab stuff again.

Interesting. It kind of reminds me of some of Jack Dangers’ more mellow work.

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Very nice

Thanks for sharing Howard, checking that out now! Found this track: