Show Us Your Basses (Part 1)

That’s a gorgeous bass but seriously I want your amp cab


Hang on to THAT one, @funplumbin1 . . . :open_mouth:

Talk about your “Vintage Fenders”!!


that bass…

I am breaking my computer with the drool generated by looking at that bass…


wooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww I’m drooling so hard. Someday, I will have a 60’s Jazz bass… someday…

EDIT: @Gio I posted before seeing your reply, where you also used the word drool. Unsurprising.


Clean-up on aisle two please: there is a large spillage of drool!


My latest family portrait . . . Fender and Gibson!

A nice mix of styles, scales, hardwoods, neck construction, and string types:

Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:


funny how the SG looks small next to the JB !


That SG is gorgeous, congrats Joe!! And I know you did your homework on getting the exact one you wanted, so, time to enjoy. And who needs to argue about Fender vs. Gibson, when you can just have one of both :wink:


Yes indeed, mon ami . . . :slight_smile:

I did some careful measurements and found:
Squier . . . 46.0" from tip of headstock to bottom strap button
Gibson . . . 41.5" from tip of headstock to bottom strap button

The Gibson is noticeably lighter, too . . . 7.0 lbs vs 10.0 lbs

Cheers, Joe


Like many here, I’ve always wanted to learn to play bass, but, you know, life… Anyway, at 49 I’ve decided to finally do it, and I signed up for Bassbuzz lessons today! Also, like many of you, I’ve purchased multiple instruments without really knowing how to play.

Here is my first bass: A Schecter Diamond Series Omen Extreme-4

My second bass was found while strolling through Guitar Center looking for a new tuner. I had researched some short scale basses before and then I saw this Gibson, and it was all over:



So I’ve just trawled through most of the previous bass shares and when I got to my original one (and subsequent comments) I was a little surprised at what I said. I’m only a few months on from that point, and only 20 days into the course, but I’ve already learned so much and made some significant set-up adjustments. The Peavey Millennium is my everyday bass: the neck is slim and smoother than I’d given it credit for at the time, and with the flat wound strings it’s lovely to play - and I suspect there’s a little more niceness left to come out.

However, there’s a reason for being prompted to add a new family photo; today I collected my Ozark acoustic from the shop where it has failed to sell in almost a year on their rack. They don’t tend to have much bassness in there, and being a small shop staffed by guitarists they tend to err towards 6 thin strings. They’re nice guys though. So, here is the new rack arrangement.

A new set of flat wounds arrived in the post today - at £9 delivered I couldn’t say no to trying them. The plan was to put them on the Ozark but they’re too long for it so I’ll try them on the T-bird or keep them spare. The acoustic sounds like a different animal when plugged into the Zoom B1on, but I’m at a loss as to how to fix the intonation.


I suspect I may be adding a new hanger board around the corner soon, as I’ve got my eyes on a Squier VM jazz and a Sandberg that’s going quite cheap just a few miles down the road.


Oh, wow, a Sandberg! Which model, do you know?? What are they asking? (Don’t worry, I am not trying to get it before you :grin:)


where did you find such a cheap flatwound set ?


eBay @terb ! Another website forum mentioned it and I couldn’t resist. I was told they were automatically accepting offers of £10 but I tried a cheeky £9 and got them. I haven’t used them yet but I suspect they’re the same as the Adagio set (£16 when I bought them) I have on my Peavey (and love).

Some reviewers talk about them snapping as soon as they’re tensioned, but I’m a bit heavy handed and didn’t feel in danger of that.


There were 2 in my neighbourhood @joergkutter , but only this one now. I think the other was a California II for a little over £400.

I really shouldn’t be looking…


The Californias are 1500-2000 Euros new, @PeteP, if I am not mistaken! Great basses!!


thank you ! I might give a try when I’ll have a bass for this purpose … I’m currently wondering about a JB that I could convert to fretless … thinking about this :slight_smile:


I’ve been wanting to get a classic 50’s style single coil p bass for a while so I decided to give this Harley Benton bass a try. I have no idea how they sell these so cheap but it sounds amazing.


Here’s what I found:

Good luck with it :slight_smile:

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