Show Us Your Basses

Nice collection @BassFaceDisgrace.


I love the tidepool color


Yes it is awesome. I really wish it was a 2x10, or even a 4x10. But this one is just too much. When I first tested the whole system, the Open B string almost blew me across the room.
Think McFly in Back to the Future :sunglasses:

Nice collection.
You and I have the same GSR 200, same Color and same story, first Bass, nice neck, won’t be my go to for long.:+1:t2:


Really beautiful…


Hey guys, I am trying to upload some pics of my basses but for some reason am not able to.
Can someone point me in the right direction
Cheers brian

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There used to be a 24 hour (?) hold on new accounts to deter spammers. Since you’ve been with us three days that restriction should have elapsed. If you haven’t tried since your first day, you should be good now. If the system still won’t let you post pictures, tag @JoshFossgreen in a message and let him know.

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This is my 1st bass. Got it when I started getting serious about learning to play. It’s a Greg Bennett Corsair series. I’m not sure how good it is since I’m still a novice when it comes to bass guitars. I haven’t heard anyone recommend this product on the forum. So I plan to replace it after I’m done with the B2B lessons. But if there’s any good thing to say about this bass, I’d just have it for keeps after I upgrade.
One thing I noticed is that it hums seriously once I hook it up to the amp, but stops humming when I touch the strings. Grounding issues but not sure how best to fix it. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


try another instrument cable


I immediately recognise that headstock.

Probably a LOT better than you expect.

Oh, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands for a small price so that it may join my Gregg Bennett Fairlane. :grin:

Seriously: that is a very nice, generally underrated instrument. I have a Gregg Bennett Fairlane, which is more like a jazz bass. Excellent mechanics, pickups designed by Seymour Duncan, and good tuners! After it was done up by a luthier for the princely sum of 40 euros, it sounds a lot better and plays as least as good as the Fender Precision Bass I once had. The luthier also commented about how unexpectedly good it was – he said he had seen Fender jazz basses that needed a setup just as much, and weren’t any better after the setup.

If it hasn’t been done yet, there is more than an outside chance that it will benefit greatly from a good setup.


Looking at it, it seems as if your Corsair is exactly the same instrument, except for the P element at the neck end.

The electronics might benefit somewhat from some judicious application of tin foil to improve the shielding a bit.



Take the bridge off first and check there is contact, 9 out of 10 earth problems are here. If not check your solder joint’s. If there all good, check for continuity of the earth.
She is a great bass, don’t underrate it they are a good bass. What it says on the headstock should be the last consideration in choosing a bass. @Trev1


Thanks @Marcel. Will order one right away. And maybe some new strings…


Thanks @peterhuppertz. Definitely need to do setup. Local music shops aren’t open yet. It seems I’d be keeping if you say its a good bass​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


How’s this done?


It’s usually something your luthier will take care of when he sets up your instrument (make sure to ask, but in our neck of the woods, these things are taken for granted, or so it seems).
It will NOT fix your buzz, though.
Try another instrument lead first. If that doesn’t fix it, we’ll take it from there.

@Jamietashi, before we go and take the bridge off (and thus the strings), can’t we just quickly run a lead from the bridge to the instrument lead jack to do a 10 second diagnosis?


From what I understand, the “S”. Above the Greg Bennet logo is for “Samick” which s, again as I understand it, a good quality, however quite underrated brand.

Both brands are available new or used on the GC site, as well as Reverb.
I have not seen or played either, but like others have said, I hear only good things, so, although, GAS and Multiple Bass Syndrome are VERY REAL THINGS, (I have them bad), you could probably do just fine with that bass long term. Weather you want it as your only bass is an entirely different question.

I myself am a collector type, not to be confused with a border, but I like a good variety of tools, and I use the all, so I usually end up with several to many things.

Example, Surfboards. I currently have 4, but there are many different wave shapes up and down the California coast, and different days have different size to deal with as well.

Snowboards, I have 4 or 5. Same thing.
Park? Big mountain? Powder? Hard pack?

I will surely e the same on Bass. 4 string, 5 string, Short Scale, Alternate tuning, Rock / funk covers. Jamming with friends. Playing Punk / Thrash, etc…

All up to you and your style, and unfortunately, (or in my case, fortunately, or I could possibly be a hoarder after all) your budget.

Then of course you could keep the bass you have and get different amps and peddles and multi processors to change your sound to suit. I have a multi processor that lets me do B2B and play at the same tome thru headphones. I have yet to go down the amp path too far.


I forgot to show This Bass as part of my family.

It is a “Daisy Bass” made by DAISY ROCK GUITARS . Despite its “Cuteness” it is a very well made short scale bass, very solid construction, and the neck feels amazing.

The story behind the bass is:
On March 2nd, a couple weeks after getting my first Bass, the Ibanez GSR200SM, I texted Madilyn, my (18 year old middle) daughter a pic of it and said I started playing. When she was younger she asked me to teach her guitar, but I was not playing, and didn’t have any guitars, so we said “some day”. So, after seeing the picture in my text, she responded “Cool dad, can you teach me to play?” I told her absolutely, it will be fun.
On March 3rd, 2020, she was rushed to the ER by ambulence. After 2 weeks, when she was conscious again, and more aware of what is going on, we were talking about it playing bass, and she said she still wanted to learn.
So, since she was looking at a rather long recovery (she still has not come yet, as of April 22nd, 2020, but might in the next day or 3), with relearning to walk being a part of the recovery, she will have a considerable amount of time to sit and learn, to help pass the time, be very mentally therapeutic, and fun at the same time.
As we sat there talking about playing, I looked on “Offer up” and there was this bass. After researching the brand a little, to make sure it was in fact a quality instrument, and not a gimmicky toy, I reached out to the girl selling it, told her my daughters situation, and asked to buy the bass.
She said another guy was supposed to buy it, and she was to ship it to another state, but he did not paid yet, and postponed payment on her once already, and If I could come get it that day, she would sell it to me, for my daughter, for $100 instead of the $150 she listed it at, that the other guy was supposed to be paying for it, and she would tell him she sold it since he had not made payment, yet again.

Anyway, Madilyn loved the bass so much, she kept it with her in the hospital the whole time, just so she can look at it and hold it and pluck some strings every now and then. Madi should be home any day now. I can’t wait to start B2B with her soon.


Nice Bass. :+1:

My daughter has a Daisy Acoustic Guitar that is surprisingly good. Considering the cost, I was pretty impressed.

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It is a female artist that founded and runs the company, and plays the guitars on stage. They are probably higher quality sten many mass produced instruments.