Show Us Your Basses

I was wondering about the exchange rate too, but I had to pay a 25% deposit, so I’m assuming the store already bought it from Suhr today or at least agreed the price with them. In any case, the price has been agreed between the shop and me, so I won’t have to pay more regardless.

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Actually I was thinking more along the lines of import/export duties. In 10 days time we are due to switch to WTO terms which automatically levy duties in the 20% range. Chances of having a different arrangement in place with USA before Christmas seem more likely than not, but nothing can be taken for granted, and the shop (UK based?) is entitled to add duties if they become payable after the sale. Ain’t Brexit grand?

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Oof. I hope there isn’t another 20% on top. That would be over £500 more… :sob:

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(where’s the dropped jaw emoji?)

Ouch! Well as with pretty much everything surrounding Brexit, nobody knows what’s happening or going to happen, so look on the bright side and hope that [him in charge over there] and [him in charge over here] get together and play nice. Part of my business is shipping to Europe and America and we still have no idea what is happening in less than a fortnight, so it’s probably not worth worrying about the bass at this stage. At least you know in advance that it would take so long, unlike some people’s friends who are remaining nameless. I got impatient when I found out my 504 was arriving 2 days later than I’d expected.


My first bass, used but in perfect condition, and I’m loving it! It’s a black Yamaha TRBX504.
It’s actually my first time ever playing an instrument, and this lessons are helping me a lot. 2 weeks in and wow, I feel like I can nail this!


Welcome, @andrea_lello. You’ve got a very good bass as your first instrument and you’ll find a few others around here with the same model, or the ones up and down the range (604 & 304). I only recently bought my 504 - my 3rd bass in the collection.

You’ll find plenty of information, advice, and support from people who are mostly quite new to the instrument and/or playing music, and many only recently been through the initial learning stages.

If you feel inclined, you should write an introduction in the Introduce Yourself! thread.


More like “where is the emoji with the jaw completely gone??”

Wow, that sounds like a sweet bass you’ve got yourself there, @JT! Still, getting a custom-made Jazz clone is a bit akin to getting a Porsche engine fitted to a Morris Minor… I mean “wolf in a sheepskin” kind of sneaky, isn’t it?? :smile:

Anyway, hope this all works out come Christmas!! Having to wait that long seriously tests your… well, it tests a lot, let’s just leave it there :grin:


what have I done

Here she is next to my 604. Not bad for a 5-string :slight_smile:

2019 Warwick Rockbass Streamer LX 5 string, in a discontinued color for the model. Fits right in with my red bass motif :slight_smile:


Nice - looks like a solid piece of bass :grin:

How does she play??


I like it! Very different. Will need to work on technique.

The fretboard feels as wide as a highway :slight_smile:


It sure does from the ant perspective :grin:

I do what many use as a prejudice against five-strings - I mainly use the B string to rest my thumb on! But, really, it is great to have the range when you need it…

Ha, just noticed - no fret markers on the fretboard!? I assume they are, at least, on the side?


this makes sense actually ! one good argument for the 5 strings


Yep! With one on the first fret for low C too.


Congrats on your new 5-string, @howard . . . :slight_smile:

Wish you good luck with it and happy playing!



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Played her some more tonight. Felt great! It was a floor demo so it’s set up pretty well. It’s light too - only 200g more than my 604. It came with .045-.135 rounds, which seems fine to start with. Ordinarily I would change them immediately but I think I can let them stay on there.

It’s going to take some getting used to. Some things were actually immediately easier to play due to the string width, but my plucking hand is going to have to up its game as the string gaps just feel too narrow for it. My muting is garbage now too as there’s an extra string. Need to practice a lot.

Going to pop back to my 4 string and see how it feels after the 5.

Oh, and it slaps well :slight_smile:


Cool new bass. :+1:

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Well, there I was… Just minding my own business when BAM!

Another bass showed up :rofl:

Picked up a Player Series Jazz Bass in Capri Orange to go with my Fretless. Figured I should have a comparable fretted bass so I don’t learn bad habits :wink:


Ooh, @howard is about to slap :grin:


I love my B string and it loves me back