Show Us Your Basses


Thanks Gio!!


Hey all! As promised, here is my Yamaha TRBX304 and Fender Rumble 40 studio amp setup. I was going to say I had the only candy apple red Yamaha thus far, but saw that Howard posted one really recently; nice!



Another shot of it - gorgeous!


It really is gorgeous. Once I saw one in red, buying it was inevitable.

Mine came set up pretty well, too. The only thing it really needed was lowering the action a bit. Yamaha is pretty solid for quality, I’ve been a Yamaha fanboy for a long time.


Very nice, @kevwheez . . . you and @howard are like blood brothers, now! :smile:

Your Rumble 40 Studio looks pretty intriguing, too . . . some of us have been wondering about that series. I just have the regular Rumble 25 for now.

Good luck with your equipment and happy playing, Joe :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!
My 304’s neck came a bit out of whack, but luckily have a local guitar store up the street that I had them do a set-up on it for me. Much improved, though I did have to raise the saddle of my E string a bit as it had some fret buzz still.
The studio 40 is incredible! I had an older Fender Mustang 1 amp for for my guitar a few years ago that I think was one of their 1st amps that had the whole slew of selectable “tones” on it. I thought THAT one was intense until I started playing around with this thing - amazing stuff! The fact that it can connect to WiFi to stay updated with new versions/software is really slick.


The right strings and a setup makes such a huge difference… Even just dead strings can turn a “yay” bass into an “ugh” bass, in my experience.

It’s implied. :stuck_out_tongue:




very lovely! Welcome to the forums!


Thanks, Gio! I am quite enjoying my lessons w/Josh and my time on the forum thus far; looking forward to hanging and contributing!:sunglasses: