Show Us Your Basses


This Carvin LB 70 was a gift from my brother in law. It’s the kindest thing someone has done for me and I will treasure it always. He gave it to me knowing I have always wanted to learn to play the bass. I think it’s a beauty.


Very nice, @SugarRay319 . . . you’re off to a great start :wink:
I like those inlays, too!

All best, Joe


Thank you. Yeah, I think the Carvin has an amazing look to it and sounds great.


It’s gorgeous!


Here’s my Yamaha TRBX 504 & Fender Rumble 40 (and a shameless plug for Beginner to Badass lessons)


Nice! I envy the 504 for the passive pickup option. I considered spending the extra over my 304 just for that.


Nice indeed! I was actually pining for the 604 (with that gorgeous maple top layer on it - in addition to the passive pickup option as well!) As much as I love the candy apple finish on our 304, I am a sucker for a real wood grain look!


Thanks! I got kinda lucky and found it (shhh, don’t tell Josh, lol) on Amazon after checking it out at my local GC. For less than what they wanted for it I got the bass, a hard case, tuner and cord. The only catch was I couldn’t chose the color but I’m very happy with it. I’ve been playing it out of the box since the action on it as it came isn’t bad but I will be getting a set up done soon.


Yeah the action on my 304 was pretty well set up out of the box. Then again every time I lower it I smile more :slight_smile:


My first Bass. I’m a lefty, so I bought a 1 owner 2001 Fender MIM jazz bass. Owner upgraded it to be a PJ bass with EMG pick ups. He included the original pick ups, so I will put it back to stock until the day I need the PJ pieces.


Nice gear, and thanks for the plug @funplumbin1 :slight_smile:

Nice J bass @porsche.steve!