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The pickup arrangement on stu.mmc’s bass looks similar to the arrangement on the Ibanez GSRM20L MiKro 4 string short scale I just bought:

(not my photo, as I haven’t taken one yet, but it’s the usual basic “lefty” black, no changes)

The spacing is a bit different between the P style pickups and the humbucker* bridge pickup, as well as between the the humbucker* and the bridge, and the end of the neck to the first P pickup. But now that I look at the other photos in this thread, this arrangement doesn’t seem to be unusual.
P.S. ordered the Beginner to Badass course, and will be starting the lessons soon!
*EDITED TO ADD: the bridge pickup on the Mikro is an Ibanez Dynamic J passive, as I found at an Ibanez Wiki site. I don’t know enough about the difference, but don’t think that means it’s a humbucker. . .


mikro’s are really fun. they sound good too, the pickups can be a bit noisy depending on your setup, and they don’t stay in tune very long. but a great little bass.


I’d read elsewhere at some point about the MiKro’s getting out of tune, but thanks for reminding me. My son tuned mine by ear for me yesterday, and has checked it at least twice since then. I have to develop an ear for doing that myself. He informed me about how guitars can get out of tune for any reason, generally speaking, and I know changes in seasons, etc. can do it.

Meanwhile, I am waiting on a call back from a local music store to see if they can get the Korg TM-60 for me (I wanted it in white), so hope to have that soon. They’re also getting the VOX amplug2 for Bass for me, to relieve my family when I practice. :slightly_smiling_face:


You generally should tune up daily before playing. Many guitars hold their tune well, but even day/night temperature changes can pull you a little out of tune.


I’d say tune up between songs too…playing hard enough can throw it off slightly…it’s why I love pedal tuners.


Thank you howard and kerushlow for the tips! I have a lot to learn, and appreciate the advice.
I never knew you could do tuning with a pedal!


Yes. They are great because they are the most accurate AND while in use they cut signal so no one has to “hear you” tune up.


They make excellent muting switches yeah. And are more accurate than clipons.


My local shop got back to me and said they should have the TM-60 within a week, as well as the VOX amplug2. The TM-60 should be in my requested white, too.
@kerushlow, The “silent tuning” will be a bonus, I agree.
@howard, thanks for letting me know that this tuner is more accurate than a clipon type, I wasn’t aware of that.


Just bought an official Yamaha case for mine.

I’m trying to come up with a cool name for my bass. Having trouble; since I’m not cool.


That color? It needs to have an epic name, like Trogdor the Burninator.


That’s a pretty good one!


Or something simple with appropriate spelling, like Burny for Bernie


My little family is growing and I am fully certified for “MBD” now!

I have been looking for a cheap second hand P-Bass for a long time now and when I mentioned it to a family friend he said that he had a Squier just in the corner that he does not use anymore. He proposed gifting it to me right out but it did not feel right at the time so we closed the deal at 50€

Now that I see the condition it arrived I think I shouldn’t have been insisting so hard to pay for it but the deal is done and it is still a good deal…

It plays quite nicely and growls like a lion with my Markbass CMD 121P still yet to try it Direct in. There is some wear on the frets and some FUNKY green stuff. Knobs are in need of tightening to say the very least. The pickguard has that big ass duck tape mark as well.

It will be my DIY project for sure. I have these Nylon Tapewound strings that were waiting for a P-Bass for a long time and need to order the pickguard.

I saw several Used Fender MIM P Pickups in sale which I think might be a good upgrade for their price (40€)

As soon as I can I will cover the circuit part with Copper Tape which I have at my workplace…


I think it looks awesome, very grunge :smiley:

not sure. Fender pickups are rarely great. I’d go for a Tonerider pickup if I were you, roughly the same price and way better in my opinion.


I. Think it looks pretty good.
I might replace the pickguard if the residue is bad and hard to get off without solvent that might damage it.
I would probably upgrade the bridge, possibly tuners, but I can’t see the condition they are in. And the pick up as you suggested. I do not know P pick ups at all, so I would listen to @terb

A little love (elbow grease) to the frets and fretboard while the strings are off, and just a general cleaning, yeah, I agree with @terb, it is very Punk Rock.

Some people pay extra for the used / vintage look, you got it cheap, and for not so much money and a little work, it’s a great deal.


what’s wrong with those bridge and tuners ?


Howdy everyone, hope you all have a great day, im just updating that i play guitar now, and my brother played the sub bass got the bass for 190$. I haven’t online in this forum lately because college stuff. Cheers

ps: no im not keeping the red one, i sell my first bass. Also does anyone here know what forum is best for guitarist? just like this one.


What is a…guitarist? Like a BASS guitar??

I kid! There was one I saw kind of like TalkBass, but can’t remember. If you google a guitar question it’s one of the main forums that pops up.


Well i think it was taped on and he took it off just before giving me. It’s quite sticky.

Area with residue is whiter than the rest. I already gave the frets a good scrub, and cleaned the thing well around. Was getting ready to restring it with my old nylon tapewounds from the Cort A4

I said “hey Cort is long scale with 24 frets, it should fit right” well I was only %75 right. Damned peg for the G string is much further than all of the others.

So I ordered a new set…

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