Show Us Your Basses

I think Sara already is! Haha


I do agree, they could make a business of this.


I don’t think I already took a picture and showed my lastest purchased. It’s an Ibanez Artcore AGBV200A. it’s a mid-range instrument (price new about 650-700€) and I bought it used for 380€. it’s a pretty rare model because it has been produced only two years.

It’s a short scale (30") semi-hollow body (like a Gibson ES-335) with maple body, maple center block, mahogany & maple neck. two soapbar humbuckers. the thing is mounted with flatwound strings that make it sound pretty smooth and … vintage.


Oh hey! I almost bought one of these last month as well. How do you like it?

I like this one more than the other model (with the full hollow body).

The recent ones (just AGB, not AGBV) are pretty inexpensive here used - ~$225US.


I really like it, it’s a joy to play with its short and lightweight format. the flatwounds are not what I prefer but that’s a nice fit for such a bass. The pickups are not so great and I suspect that the pickup switch doesn’t help, it’s kinda “too much” in every position ; I plan to replace this switch with a blend knob.


Very nice @terb Laurent!


Cool bass! I was looking at those when I was looking up the SBV @howard bought.


Sounds like you had a wild hot summer fling with your bucket list Carvin’s, and are going back to your true love, the beloved Ibanez SR basses.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I did just see you list the 2nd carving for sale on Offer up today.

I did hear you say something about how you just love playing your Ibanez so much more that the Carvin’s don’t get much play time, so, it seems the love affair is over, and off they go to find another find suitor.

I sort of have the same gut feeling about a carvin bass. by far the best guitar I have ever played (besides a PRS, and the EBMM EVH, when if first came out. Heck, I still kind of want to get a cheap SBMM Axis (EVH evolution) someday (just cuz they are so cool, I know they come in orange, and I may want to noodle on guitar, or create a guitar riff for a baseline I write someday, who knows, the possibilities are limitless), and I know I loved the basses of the time, but that is just the thing, it is of that time. Some things are awesome, and age like wine, others, sour grapes

I also wonder if it is because I don’t ever see exactly what I want in a Carvin that I can afford. Your basses are nice, I especially like the neck thru, but I am not a fan of bursts, and I don’t even think of that as a great burst. It is not bad, nor it it good, it is just a burst.
For me, even if it were just black, it would be better, not my most favorite, but better then that burst IMHO, no offense intended, same with white. Then there are all those fun things you can do with pick ups and knobs and plates and pick guards and pick up covers (colors) that , hmm, a black or white one might just be what the Dr. ordered. Red pick ups seem to be all the rage today, as do white, and even if you go with Herrick, he allows you to chose the color you want your pick up housing, so think about it, you can get white bass with Orange pick ups, or a black bass with a split P, with 2 tones of Green, or a green and yellow, like Lego’s

I am sure I could find a pick up color combo that wold even make the burst pop.
Thing is, thats just it, is it s long forgotten crush from yesteryear, that doesn’t translate to the love affair of the lifetime in the present?
that is the question.

I am curious @timsgeekery, how would you feel about swapping a bass for a week, so I could get a feel of the Carvin and see if it is still something I like. If I fall in love, I am sure I would breakdown and buy its but this way, if I don’t, I can swap back without anything lost on both parties (unless you have interested parties to purchase your bass right now).

You could probably just about have the pick of the stable to take home and love and stroke on and cherish, and shower with appreciation, ya know, a Hall Pass moment

Let me know, I know you are looking for cash, not trade (as you told me on offer up), so I am not proposing a trade per say, but a swap, so you have something of mine that is valuable to me while I am testing out what is valuable to you. and I hope you would take the opportunity to test out whichever of my values you choose to get all snuggly with.

Hit me up via PM if this sounds like anything you are interested in pursuing.
Just consider it an Indecent Proposal.


It’s like you’re inside my head. :slight_smile:

I did, the B4. Well, yesterday. But then this morning I sold the LB20 and I took the B4 down. I knew the LB20 wasn’t for me because of its weight and tone, but I think I want to play with the B4 a bit more before I make the final determination to keep or sell.

I totally would have if I’d seen this before the LB20 sold. But it left my house about 2 hours ago. Sorry, man. :frowning:


No worries, if I really wanted it (er I mean if it were nt that burst…) I would have walked it out of your house myself.


Gone Fishin’
Having sold 3 saxes in the past two weeks, I went and did a little fishing over on talkbass.

Basically, trolling other folk’s sorta-old ‘here is my new bass’ posts and asking if they might want to sell it by now.

Hooked one today!
Introducing Aerodyne #3, natural wood grain.
On its way to join it’s two blue cousins tomorrow.

Now to finally decide, Geezers or Quarter Pounders…hmmm.


If it were me I would go Geezers, but that’s just me


That’s where I am leaning as I wanted to try them for a while now.


My Surveyor 87 will have Duncan SPB1s and really looking forward to that.

In case you haven’t seen it, and I think Oliver does great comparisons


Was just rewatching this, and yes, Geezer it is!


I have been on the look out for a PJ for awhile now. I thought if I got one I would throw GZR’s into it but after Oliver’s demo I am more likely to take on the Quarter Pounders. I guess tone is really very subjective.


It’s very subjective. I like the tone of the Quarter Pounders, but it’s more than offset by the clarity of the Geezers to my ear.

Totally subjective


I just think the Geezers sound like…well…Geezer.
I’ve been wanting them in a bass for a while now.
The quarter pounders will end up in something at some point…I like the tone of them for what they are too.


Sell that to me immediately, thats an order.

I have absolutely no rank to back that up, but still, on the double, STAT


Well crap, I did it again, even tho I hoped I wouldn’t. Damn you GAS!

I didn’t sell the Mustang and I got AG4M.