Show Us Your Basses


Oooo! Nice white electric guitars. The one there reminds me and I just said reminds me

of the HH double shawbucker stratacaster but I know it’s a bass. All the guitars are so pretty. Happy playing. Mary


Hey Don! Interesting bass! Almost looks like an acoustic guitar if you squint your eyes.

Nice Squier @yooperdave!


Here is my Galvaston Confederate Flag, Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and Twin Towers Bass Guitar.


wow. That’s a lot of symbolism on a single bass. Did you do the artwork? Have it done by a pro?


I actually got it off Craigslist for $100. It needed some work.


NBD! I swapped my Squier 20th Anniversary Jazz for this Epiphone Thunderbird Classic-IV Pro!


Love the sound of those Thunderbirds… really love them with a pick too. Try out some pick riffs!


Ibanez SDGR 5 string root beer color.


My Schecter Stiletto Stealth-4 in Satin Black


Nice Ibanez @Adamg73! That color definitely needs some ice cream on top of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the body shape on that Schecter @Artie, I still need to try one of those. They seem nice.


This is my bass haven. I have 3 basses:
My main is a ACG RetroB Über
I also have a Schecter Stiletto Extreme and a custom bass made by a friend when I first started.

And yes, they are all left handed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Favorite piece of gear you bought in 2018?

Here’s what I’m currently learning on. It’s a Fender CB-60SCE electro acoustic. Will probs be going for the Yamaha TRBX304 full electric bass in the next few months.


Beautiful. Similar color to mine!


Custom Fender P bass put together by a local luthier. Simple tone and volume knob do the trick. I have heavy flatwounds on there and it thumps! Shoutout to Iron Maiden :metal:


Nice! I imagine that learning on an acoustic bass guitar will make the electric feel easier to play when you switch over, the action tends to be higher on acoustics. Let me know how it feels when you switch!

Sweet P bass @calebnw! The artwork on the neck plate is awesome! Nice nod to Steve Harris. :slight_smile:


This is my first bass guitar, a Cort B4 Plus MH Open Pore Mahogany that I bought last spring. Barely touched one before the day that I bought it, so don’t really have much to compare with! Looks good and plays well enough for a beginner like me!


Love the Maiden Neck Plate. Super rad.


Looks nice @coffa! Good spot to keep it too, easy access if the cats want to learn bass along with you. :cat: :guitar: :exploding_head:


Beautiful instrument.


I picked these up this morning. A Kimberly Beatle Bass and a Hohner Yellow Bass (no idea what model ). Both play pretty nice. A trusted friend has them for a serious cleaning and setup.