Sign up for lessons

I’m trying to find on here where i can actually sign up for the lessons with josh, Can someone please point me in the right direction.

Just scroll to the bottom of

There is an option for online or DVD based lessons

Edit: I updated the link, it came up differently on my phone than on my computer

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I’d you mean 1:1 lessons, then that’s different.
You can message him directly here and see if he has openings. From time to time he does.

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He used to take private lessons but it seems like not so much anymore - Online Bass Lessons - Josh Fossgreen

“So this used to be a page about how to take private lessons with me… but I’m no longer taking 1-on-1 students. My best advice if you’d like to learn from me is to take my Beginner to Badass course, and check out my Youtube videos!”

You can always drop Josh a line directly or tag him on this thread and he’ll get back to you. If you go to the Help option on the home page - Home - - then there is a Contact Me option where you can open a chat with Josh