Silly little satisfaction last night

My wife and I were goofing around playing music on our google speaker, trying to come up with some good karaoke songs. Blitzkrieg Bop came up and I shouted “I can play that”! and I ran downstairs and grabbed my bass and played along.

After that I just kept going and song after song just improvising over top the already there bass, doing my own groove.

My wife asked if I knew the song, I said no, just throwing down notes. She was impressed!

Satisfied, and it felt so good to get that affirmation!


That awesome! What a great day! There simply cannot be enough said about the value of a supportive partner. To my girl, she’s just being herself when she tells me i was sounding good. She had no idea how much it means that she would notice or appreciate (at all ) the time and effort put in.


I suspect my wife would tell me I was doing good even if I truly was sucking up the place, but the other day while working through an exercise, slow, medium, then fast, I looked over to see she was watching, genuinelyt interested, and said that she didn’t think I would have nailed that workout a few weeks ago and it sounded clean. Agree a supportive partner is a great motivator.


Way to go @groaner! These moments are awesome!

Couple of weeks ago my bass buddy said he liked my emphasis when I was just chugging a riff in all eighth notes. :smile: