So I bought a Guitar!

Ahhh I messed up. Yeah that’s the one I meant.

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That sounds really great as a preamp!


yeah, certainly one of my favorites !

Do you mic your cabs @terb? Would be cool to hear how that sounds.

No, I never do this. it’s too complicated, and it doesn’t sound any better than an IR or a good modeling amp.


Have played the guitar since I was a kid, but acoustic only. Bought this Epiphone Nancy Wilson guitar (basically a Nighthawk) last year and just received it last month.! Having fun playing it with all the effects using my Yamaha THR30 and I actually sound like I know how to play it! :slight_smile:


Wow so… I was just looking at these for a new board I want to put together. I wanted “the essential metal tone” and it looks like I found it.

Great sales pitch, @terb ;D


I changed my Mandolin strings for the first time today and it wasn’t too bad. I usually like to clean and oil the fretboard when I change strings, but I didn’t want to play with the intonation today, so I changed them one at a time to make sure I didn’t move that floating bridge.

The strings are under some serious tension in these little suckers! I kept hearing crackle and pops as I was bringing them up to pitch and was concerned one of them was going to pop.

Interesting string anchoring going on at the bridge!


That, my friend, looks like it could grate some cheese

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