So i bought one of these. Was it worth it?

I’m new to pedals and gear like this in general. And have always played clean. But I talked a fellow down to $90 bucks on one of these and am curious if I’ll get my moneys worth. I figure the pre amp and tuner alone will be useful. but now that I have a 6 string I figured I’d jump off the deep end with something that had a chorus.


They’re all useful effects and it’s around $15 an effect, can’t do much better than that. Otoh, it takes up a lot of room for a multi effect, and if you don’t like any of the effects you might wind up buying the same effect again. Let us know what you think.


Sure thing. If it turns out to be good maybe ill try and leave some feedback. not sure though since I have 0 experience with effects what my opinions worth, :rofl: :joy:


Yes, but you have 100% experience with knowing what you like. Which is what matters.


1 - its your color
2 - has useful effects
3 - did not break the bank
4 - its your color
5 - may not be best on a pedal board, may be good to take along with you when you are just gonna play with friends and don’t want to haul a pedalboard back and fourth.

Probably will be a useful buy at some point, and if nothing else, you can put it in your photo’s to spice up the green


It has some nice features - DI out, effects loop, tuner, and an amp sim. Is it worth $90? If you like the effects then that’s what matters :slight_smile:


The amp sounds pretty fair with it, nothing I feel like writing home about. The effects are entertaining but I still have to mess around with them to decide what I really think and maybe compare to some others I may get later on.

But I have to say the comp/boost is great. and the tuner is quick and bright and spot on. And for those reasons alone I dig it. Though I would still like to get my hands on a chromatic tuner for a good price soon, It is a great fit in my hard case for a quick option.

Thanks for the comments!

@T_dub It is indeed my color! but when it comes to friends I’m not sure what your on about. :rofl: I work to much to have any amount of free time for that anymore sadly.


Tuner pedal or clip on? I just got the ehx tuner pedal which is small and cheap. And Josh recommended and I got the tc electronic clip, which is also very good. You can save a few bux by getting the non-polytune one which doesn’t work with bass anyways.


Looking at pedal tuner. eventually, something more precise for intonation etc.


There are a growing number pedal tuners that double as power supplies. If you end up with a smaller board and want something to power the board and tune your instrument, these may be something to look at.

Stax, is the smallest and cheapest.

Although the most expensive, I like the Joyo the best because it has all the outlets at the top, making for the cleanest routing of power lines
Joyo Pedal Tuner / Power Supply

Not much less then the Joyo, IDK if it is built like the name suggests or not.
Joyo is still the one I would choose out of the three, for the outlets on top, and it is the brand I know best and they have been making pretty good stuff lately.
Iron Horse


Boss has always done this, as well; TU-1/2/3 have always been designed as PSUs with one power out for daisy-chaining.

I love my Tu-2. Very easy to read.


I was looking at this one pretty seriously for a while. But before I get to far into pedals I’m looking into re doing the pots in my Peavey Fury.

It has a lot of snap crackle and pop in it when I’m moving any of them, and it really sucks because I love the active pickup for being able to just plug my studio headphones into it and sitting outside and noodling around without the need of an amp or power supply…

So I’ve bene juggling with the idea of this tone monster 5 pot system I found ( not seeing anything comparable) and finding some sort of rechargeable lithium battery set up to replace the 9v battery. but still on the edge about doing anything with that.

The previous owner just re soldered the 9v plug in this thing and its a gnarly bad solder job. so that could probably have a lot to do with the battery draining so fast at least.

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