So long and thanks for all the... Chris Squire

Today is my third bassiversary and I think it marks a good opportunity to say thank you and gracefully bow out of this forum!

It has been quite a ride and I have learned so much over the past three years. Obviously, I owe Josh a lot for getting me started on bass and teaching me the basics and then some. But, I certainly also owe you all a big thanks for teaching me stuff I hadn’t imagined was even important to playing bass, and stuff I didn’t know I really needed to know - yet here I am, and some of it I just can’t unthink/unsee anymore :grin:

I also wanted to thank you for being there not only for bass and music and banter, but also to give encouragement when needed or for just letting me vent some frustrations. I don’t want to mention anyone by name lest I forgot someone… I have come to hold you all dear for your wisdom, your insights, your knowledge, your camaraderie, your quirks and your life stories!!

Here and there, I might have perhaps been a bit too cheeky, cocky or (inadvertently) insulting - my sincere apologies!!

I always appreciated the diversity in here, but I also feel I need to get fresh inspiration from people who share more of my own particular/peculiar interests and challenges. This forum is in great shape - lots of active new people, and a good number of seasoned “veterans” (some of you in several ways). I feel I have shared what I could share (some never listen anyway :grin:) and that you are going to do just fine without me derailing threads, botching theory questions, or bringing up stuff that no one else thinks is an issue at all.

I might be lurking in the shadows and you can always summon me by invoking the @ magic!

Whatever your own plans, I hope you stick to playing music for as long as you can!!

PS: By the way, today marks also Jaco Pastorius’ 70th birthday!


Well @joergkutter I for one will be sorry to see you go.
You were one of the veterans of the forum when I stumbled here and someone who’s opinion/input I always read and mostly listened to :wink:
I wish you well and hope you get to where you want to be in your journey.
Take care mate :+1:


Take care Joergkutter! Good luck with your musical journey.


I’m sad to see you go @joergkutter, but I certainly understand. I will miss you greatly, as I can honestly say you are among my favorite people on this forum. You were here when I joined and whether you know it or not, you were very helpful to me in the beginning. You will be missed, but I wish you all the best.

farvel og held og lykke



Oh no, this makes me sad! I always got a lot out of your posts here. It was great having you around. I hope you reconsider but if you don’t, please come back and say hi sometime anyway, it will be great to hear from you if you do :slight_smile:


You got that right. We will be doing just as much derailing and bringing up stuff that’s off-topic.

I can very much understand that decision as I kind of did the same without announcing it.
I wish you all the best and good luck with whatever you are pursuing.


Thanks, @mac (by the way: good to have your old username back :grin:)

I am glad I got to interact with so many different people in here, some of whom - let’s be honest - I might never have had the guts to approach IRL :rofl:

You take good care now and don’t let those demons get the better of you!!


Thanks, Paul - I see you got my little “weird” pun there :grin: :wink:


Thanks for the kind words, Pam - and your perfect Danish :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You are one of the role models here for your sheer dedication, perseverance and unbounded curiosity!! Keep it up and show them youngsters how it is done :wink:


Yeah, who knows? People have re-considered before :grin: I might pop in every now and then - this is a great forum and source for everything bass!

And you are certainly one of those who make sure this stays an inviting, welcoming, and friendly place (not to mention your broad knowledge you freely and patiently share)!



Haha, yes, I am far from the only one who can accomplish those feats :grin:

This can be a bumpy journey, and I understand you had your ups and downs (in here and IRL) and so I hope you’ll keep hanging on, stay with music and go after your goals! Cheers!


Best wishes in your new endeavors mate

I do wish you would reconsider after a break, your wisdom is much appreciated and the forum is a better place with you



Enjoy your continued bass adventures and feel free to always stop in and add your wisdom or just tell us all what you are up to @joergkutter.

Thanks for all your advice, it cost me a lot of $$$$$$$$.


It’s been a pleasure, @joergkutter .
Pop by and leave us an update every once in a while when you have a new gig/recording/video.
All the best to you in your adventures!


Thanks! Yeah, let’s see how I can manage without you all :grin:


Haha, yes, but it seems your budget for basses and paraphernalia is up for the task :wink:

I hope you enjoy the Bergantino… I know I do!!


Great to have someone with your experience and wit in this “beginner” forum - always encouraging and supportive! What a treat for us! Thanks and don’t look too deep into that espresso cup :grin:


Sorry to see you go Joerg @joergkutter ,
thanks always for your input and guidance to everyone on here,
I think everyone else has summed it up well,
Good luck with your musical pursuits, enjoy the JAZZ,
Cheers Brian


Appreciate it Brian! You take good care now and enjoy those barbies and lazy arvos :wink:

Whenever I finally get a chance to come to Oz, I will let you guys know and visit you all (I mean, it is such a small country… how hard can it be?!)


Congratulations @joergkutter on your Tribassaversary!
Safe browsing!