Solar Powered Equipment?


So in a few weeks I get to play at this - It’s totally run on solar power and I’m not allowed to use my valve amp and will have to go DI probably. Anyone out there done this? Any advice?


Wow! So they’re gonna have a solar-powered generator to give you stage power with?

If so, don’t see how that’s any different than a normal festival set-up with a gas generator… unless they don’t have enough juice for a whole band?


Maybe. I wish I knew. Solar powered everything. Problem solved I think. I have a little Peavey micro bass that I’m going to use with an old 4X12" that sounds pretty good. Can’t use the bass cabs cos the Peavey will not push them. Otherwise I may be sorted my using my practice gear! Apparently it’s NO valve gear and limited wattage tranny amps. I must admit it seems strange but I’ll let you know how goes!


Solar stages are a groovy thing and they’re not uncommon on the string-band touring festival circuit. They’ve been fine and indistinguishable from any other stage in my experience. I also love the people-powered stages: the ones with exercise bikes next to the stage where people are literally pedaling the stage to life constantly through the festy.