Solid State vs Tube Amp - Head, not combo

Definitely, @T_dub -

What’s weird is that they had it in the ‘home audio’ section of the store under a turn-table – not in the musical instrument area.

It actually sat long enough to go through two price reductions. So maybe some soul moved it there to ‘hide’ it until it hit their price?

You’re absolutely right…this is a crazy good score. It’s got the wrong knobs, missing pieces, but that’s just part of its beauty.


Not that you want to, but you could probably flip that on Reverb for a pretty penny.

There was a Trace Elliot Amp I wanted that was at a Pawn shop for $400, I bought a bass there and played it thru this amp. It was listed on Offer up, and they dropped it to $200 and I resisted, then they dropped it to $175.
I finally was at the store to test another bass, and they plugged me in, and something in the amp broke, It did sound like it had a problem with one of the cones, but it was a 4x10, so if it was only one cone, it still would have played, and actually could have been a cheap fix, but there was something more wrong with it. It was an amp from the late 80"s, sounded sick when it worked, and was in almost MINT condition on the outside.
I am glad now, that I resisted, I would have been pissed to get it home and it die out on me in a few weeks.
Besides, I don’t even need an amp like that. I am happy with my SWR’s

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Holy sh1t! What an incredible deal. That was a great find.


@T_dub ’ A want is a NEED’ amirite?!

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