Song 21 - "Higher and Higher" by Jackie Wilson

Thank you @John_E . If someone wants me to play this in a band, I will learn it properly, not before. :slight_smile: Hehe, guess after this nobody want me to play it in a band, so I am safe. :slight_smile:


Listening back I realized I missed this rest most the time but close enough, time to move on

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Hey there, here itโ€™s my effort


Nice @Reo
some changes in note articulation on the main groove but in general you nailed the original groove.
Great tone out of that MM.

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Good cover @myheadsmt91 with some small misses but it is better to move on and then come back and redo it sometime later. :slight_smile: Think you should try to play it with alternating fingers, just for the learing.

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Great tone @Reo :slight_smile:

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Thanks @John_E
Do you mean the length of some notes? Honestly I didnโ€™t analyze it much, just felt it. When I looked at the video I realized that I didnโ€™t play as intentionally as I should, but I felt ok about it, except for the last couple of choruses where it was really hard to stay close to the rhythm.
I really need to get back in a routine, since completing the course I changed position at work and lost momentum
Letโ€™s see how the next one goes

Of course you can play any song any way anyone wants, I usually look to what the original asks for for the 50 song challenges. You can totally ignore any comments to this point if you are playing more freely.

Sounded great regardless.

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I like it! Good touch with the wedding ring, too. :wink:

What did you dial in for the tone?


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