Sore arm

Well I guess I’m done with practice for the day, and I still have my lesson to go :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on doing a cover of Breaking the Law which involves a lot of chugging. Well, turns out after a number of play throughs, my arm is now sore and I can feel the muscle fatigue.

So enough for today. It’s always something.


Practice is great. Too, too much practice can be debilitating, as you are now painfully aware.

Rest your arm a goodly amount. Apply heat, ice and Ibuprofen, as necessary. Tomorrow is another day.

Even better, seven tomorrows is another week.


I’ve had a sore fretting arm for about a month. Can’t really play much at all; so watching / reading theory. Very dull. Ho hum, we are still very lucky to have the opportunities we have!


Ugh. I had a real hotspot right in the middle of the shoulder blade on the fretting arm, it lasted a long time. It seems to have dissipated through exercise. It Doesn’t seen fair that just playing can cause pain
It May seem silly, but i actually do some light stretches before practicing now. I love playing, but I’m not gonna suffer for it.

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