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Hey Guys/Ladies.
I’ll try and keep this short as no one likes a long read., but I think it’s worth it.
Back in March of '20 I purchased a Spark practice Amp. While it is a very small amp, holding two 6" drivers, it is just a practice amp and power is not a prerequisite This little amp has a lot of potential, primerally because you are able to hook up to the internet and down load a shit load of different tones. It is also WiFi compatible with your music and (Drum roll) through the computer (or phone) it will show you the chords of whatever song you wish to play making learning a song so much easier and quicker.
When the amp finally arrived, (6 months later). I was very happy with it.
It is now Dec. and the newness has worn off. I noticed that the “E” and “A” string volume was very low compared to the “D” and “G”. Thinking that I had a problem with my guitar, a Gibson SG, I took her to Dennis, a trusted Luthier at Atomic Music here in Daytona Beach.
He took a cursory look through the SG and when I told him that I primeraly used the Spark amp. He told me that although the Spark has a “Bass” setting, those little 6" drivers just can’t handle the lows. (“E” and “A”)
On getting home, I plugged the SG into my Harke 50 watter and lo, the problem is gone. So, be advised. The Spark has a nice little Amp, but it’s not for the bass. Maybe I can save someone $300. bucks. Get a Fender Rumble. :slight_smile:


I have the fender rumble studio 40, which has a lot of sims, has an app and is made for a bass, so none of the wonky spark stuff. Really enjoy mine for a practice home amp. Did you watch Josh’s latest video where he reviewed the spark?


Totally agree. I was sucked in to the Spark with the promise of all its amazing features (and I still think they’re totally cool btw).

My issues were twofold.

  1. I think they were swamped by demand and scuppered by covid. I ordered my Spark in March and received it in August.

  2. On arrival I found out that it was making the front of my bass electrically live, specifically on the metal bridge and I would get a shock if I rested my right forearm over it. I got the guy were I bought my bass to check it out and he said it was wired up fine. This is what I expected. On reading through posts on the Positive Grid forum I learned that the power supply shipped with the Spark was a bit shitty and wasn’t earthing properly (bear in mind I am in Australia so this power supply issue may not apply globally).

Fortunately I had waited so long for the Spark that I bought a Fender Rumble 100. It’s amazing. I can jam with it with the volume just over half way (and the guitarist and drummer are pretty loud!!!). Highly recommended. Great sound.


Hi Sully,
No. I’ve not watched Josh’s review of the Spark. I can’t imagine that it would be favorable. It would probably piss me off because I purchased it without looking into it.
I tried the Rumble 250/500. Absolutely loved it. Amazing sound, super light weight. The Hartke is nice but that Kickback-15 weighs a ton.


Hi Sherman,
I ordered mine in March as well and received it in Sept.
I love the Fender Rumble. Wished I bought one instead. :frowning:


Here is Josh’s video. It just came out a few days ago. 10 MORE Gadgets to Make You a Better Bassist (Or NOT?)


I shopped a bunch of the small stuff a month ago. Played nearly everything I wanted to, especially everything that was self powered (battery) capable.

I ended up buying a Sterling Ray34H (natural body, roasted maple neck. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I think the little boxes are pretty cool, a lot of them are sorta “modeling amps” ??? I guess…

The dinero starts to go up pretty quick in this class, and as noted combos like the Rumble 40 get quickly competitive.

I’m planning to start a thread soon about our “kits” and will have more about where I landed :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Thanks for the advice on the Spark. I actually was thinking about it. On a slight tangent, Positive Grid who makes the Spark also makes Bias FX which I really love. Mostly I use it with a regular guitar versus a bass but will likely play with the bass sound soon.

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Shoot Guys/ladies,
I have to make a correction. In my Original post, I mentioned Atomic Music as the Guitar shop I frequent. I probably confused that with Atlantic Sounds, a vinyl and CD shop in the immediate area where I also spend an inordinate amount of money.
The Shop I frequent (and recommend) is Total Music in Daytona Beach.

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