Speaker cab serup

OK tech gurus. I have 2 tc electronic cabs. The speakon connectors look like this:

The top is input and the bottom is link. The cab manual says to run my speakon out from the amp into the speakon input of cab one. Then use another speakon out of cab one’s link output into the input of cab two. Simple. But… My new amp has two speakon outputs:


Which means I could also go amp output 1 into cab one in and amp output 2 into cab two in.

Advantages/disadvantages/oh my God don’t do that for either?


It’s very nearly identical either way if it’s a short cable length.

Slight (perhaps theoretical) advantage (or slightly more advantage if longer cable length) to running two cables all the way back to the amp.

Two cables will have less electrical resistance than one. This increases damping factor which gives the amp better control over driver motion.


Thank you professor!


Seriously you should teach a class in this stuff :+1:


I’m glad you find the information helpful. :grinning:

I know more about engineering than playing music so it’s a fun way for me to contribute while I’m learning.

I do sometimes teach classes. I was scheduled to present at the United States Institute for Theatre Technology this year and held workshops at the InfoComm AV Systems convention last year.

Having accomplished what I wanted to do in my career, the best use left for all the accumulated knowledge is to pay it forward.

I’m always happy to help.