Squier Jazz Bass vs American Ultra Jazz Bass


This is my current question. I am hoping the answer is 'at least next year, dummy, you should play the gear you have for a bit first!"


@John_E … I most definitely challenged myself with the same thinking (I was a beginner, barely even able to play, why buy more (especially more expensive than entry level) Basses?

Perhaps that is why I bought the MIM Mustang vs. the MIA Mustang I recently got (just because I wanted to try a short-scale). I do need to figure something out as the “GAS” is hell to live with. LOL

I guess I really should be happy that the Foderas or other super-high dollar basses haven’t really caught my eye.

In the end, when I finally pulled the trigger and decided to learn to play last year, I threw caution to the wind and said to myself, “Self, go for it, you only live once so do what makes you happy!”


COVID has increased GAS symptoms for me.
More time to surf the web and look.

I am happy with all my GAS purchases, but my internal watchdog is saying ‘time to enjoy them’.
That said, I just brought a bass home today, sigh.
Last one! …for now.


Yep, Me too; and surf these forums. LoL

Two things they say in my neighborhood, 1. Git er dun! & 2. He who dies with most toys wins!


This forum has cost me a lot of $$$ in GAS in a few short months, but, I am happy for it as it has helped me make some really good, informed choices.


I think it has for everyone. The used market here is really weird right now. Not a lot of people selling, and used items stay on the market much longer. So supply is lower and the ability of people to pay for items is impacted. It’s really weird.

I just sold my Pacifica (strat-style 6-string) and made a profit on it, but it took weeks.