Squier Sonic Bronco vs Affinity Jazz bass

Hah! Exactly lol.

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I thought Bongos were the Kohler of basses :crazy_face:

Question. Will you be a session musician? If yes, Fender. If not, Fender is serious GAS.

I don’t think a Mexican Fender is serious GAS.

I bought mine new and modded it for less than $1000. I will never be a session musician (starting bass at 49) but why can’t I spend my money on nice things? Answer is, I can and many other on here do and enjoy their purchase.

It’s a futile argument about Fender. Some people like me have disposable income and grew up watching players with P Basses, so that’s what I wanted.

I also played it for 4 hours this evening and had a grand old time.

There’s room for everyone.


I was referring more to budget minded musicians (I think he had a $400 budget in mind). I like Fender, I have their Rumble 100 amp even. Just not the best for budget minded bases.

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Fender can be a serious gas for a beginner and first time bass buyer who’s not sure what to get and if they would like the bass. That said there are no rules about the beginner’s bass price, in fact more expensive instrument are much easier to live with than the cheaper ones.

On the side note, Rumble series are definitely a steal as you get so much tone and pay so little this is the benefit from all of Fender’s acquisitions including Genz Benz (Genzler).

You can get a Squier Rascal for around $400 and that’s a good bass. Or a Paranormal Jazz. Fender at affordable prices

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