Starting the course over


I got to Module 6 and work got really busy and I just didn’t feel like practicing. :disappointed_relieved: I picked up the bass again, and it feels like I’ve never played before. I tried to pick up where I left off, but just felt lost. So, I’m going to start again and do my best to be more consistent. :smiley:


If you don’t feel like practicing, it’s usually because there isn’t something to practice for. Are there any jam sessions in your area? Community college or adult school improvisation or jazz band courses?
I find that an application for what you’ve learned is just as important as the material itself. I hope you find an outlet!! It usually takes care of the practicing for you: the threat of not performing well or not supporting your band is usually the strongest motivator!


What @Gio said - external motivation/excitement might help!

Or if there’s no one to play with or you don’t feel up for that, even just finding some songs you really want to learn could help?

And I’ve noticed for me, that feeling of “I’ve never played before” always subsided after a little time of getting back into it, so you’re probably not as far towards square one as you think.

Also, there’s some really cool shit in Module 7, so consider the carrot dangled. :stuck_out_tongue: :carrot: :guitar:


Funny you should say that. My drum instructor and I have a goal of me being able to play on a jam night by summer. I confident I can do it. Maybe I should try to make it a twofer. First time drummer and bass player on the same night! :crazy_face:


Now I’m just going to skip to module 7. :yum:


Haha, well in that case Module 6 is full of fun stuff too!