Switched to learning from in-person instructor

I found this to be a great introductory set of lessons, but I found I wanted some feedback which is not really possible in on-line instruction.

I have been making great strides now that I can have someone tell me what I am doing wrong. I use many of the classes from this site to help move my instruction along.

I am loving the Bass.


Sounds good. Do what works best for you and keeps you practicing. The B2B course, for me anyway, makes practicing at home easy and fun. Although I can defiantly see a benefit to an in-person instructor. Keep on chuggin!

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When I was trying to learn 6 string guitar I had a hard time and did not want to practice.

I practice my Bass guitar nearly every day and really enjoy playing it.

I hope I will transition back to learning 6 string in the future, but enjoying my Bass right now.