Tabs? Were can a person find goods tabs for free?

I never want t buy tabs and the ones that are free never seem to be any good. Where do you guys find your tabs?

Buying them is legit - Bass Player magazine has great transcriptions - worth the subscription price just for their TABS. I say - pay for them. Internet TABers are a special kind of incompetent.


Yeah, it’s tricky. The free ones are mostly free because nobody would pay for tabs that bad!

The problem is that some internet tabs are okay, but if your ear isn’t good enough to tell the difference, you’re putting yourself in danger of learning songs wrong… and if your ear was good enough to tell, then you wouldn’t need the tab. Catch 22.

Long term, the best solution is to do a bunch of ear training and make your own. :slight_smile: In the meantime, Bass Player magazine is good, and you can often find published books of song tabs that are way better than what you’ll find online.

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