The Last Set List - pre-COVID

I was wondering if anybody else has the set list from the last gig they played pre-COVID.

In Texas (Houston, USA, specifically), we shut down shortly after the last gig I played. This gig was on February 14th - Valentine’s Day. One of the more memorable moments was a couple that had just got married decided to stop by this smoky, tiny bar to have a drink with friends (they waived the cover for them :slight_smile: ).

Pics are of the set list(s)…we didn’t perform them in exactly that order…as the bride/groom came in right around when we were going to do Neon Moon.

I guess just more for posterity to list this stuff. Also remembering the fun that this always is to play on a stage.


Wow, that’s a really varied list!


That’s what I found out when I started playing again and playing live. Unless you’re in some sort of ‘tribute’ band, you really need to be all-over the place to fit the ‘tastes’ of the crowds.

For a smoky bar, this works. Older rock and roll, newer rock and roll (some borderline metal), old country, new country, almost funky stuff. You’ve got just about every age group having drinks…

And some of this stuff (especially that Gavin Degraw song) I had never even heard of. But the singer was AMAZING and he drove a lot of the song choices. That Shinedown song (and I really don’t like Shinedown, personally) - I remember in rehearsal when we finished I looked at the drummer and we both said “Holy Smoke” (well, maybe not that, but with more expletives :slight_smile: ). This dude can sing and made playing that song really cool. On a side note, if you want an exercise on timing without using a metronome, play this song. It’s quantized to the end of it’s life - so much it really doesn’t even sound like a bass IMHO.

Also made me have to become reasonable at managing my pedals…I want to sound something like in the ball park of each of the pieces, especially if it’s an ‘iconic’ sound. The really hard one was duplicating the 12-string sound of Jeremy…

Again, just makes me excited for the next time I can get on a stage…


Those are nice sets!


Dang! 40 songs over three sets. How long did y’all play?


Some mighty fine music amongst all that !


We played from 9 PM to 1 AM. Long night indeed. About 15 minutes between sets.