The next step up

It’s going to be a long time before I upgrade my current bass guitar (TRBX 170). I want to be sure I’m going to dedicate myself to the skill, and practice before I move up. Honestly, other than doing a setup on it (the action is a bit higher than I like), it sounds just fine.

However, eventually, I want to upgrade.

Asking the other folks on here; I’m looking for something in the >$700 range that is fast, good pickups, decent slapper as well. I kind of want something that is a do-all instrument.

I tried a Squier Jazz Bass, an American Pbass, Musicman, and Jackson last time I was at guitar center. I actually liked the Jazz Bass better than the American Pbass. That jazz bass felt real lively on the fretboards.

What say you? Honestly I’m not really worried about it (your playing matters more than your gear), but it’s something I’m thinking about.


Soooo many good choices in that price range. How much greater than $700?

Yamaha and Ibanez high-midrange/premium lines, Warwick Teambuilts, ESP/Edwards MIJ’s, lots of great basses that fit your description in the $700-1500 price range.

At right around $700 I would recommend Yamaha (TRBX604, BB734A); Ibanez (severasl SR’s); ESP’s LTD line (lots of choices). All good, versatile, very slappable basses with fast necks (even faster than the J-Bass).


Not very much; I want a good instrument, but I don’t want it to be so expensive that if it gets scratched or scuffed, it’s not going to bother me too much.

I feel the way about instruments the way I do about sports cars; I want to use them as hard as I want, and I don’t necessarily need them to look perfect. I take care of my stuff, but I don’t baby them, and I don’t want to baby them. Know what I mean?


Yep totally, I’m the same way.

In that case I really recommend the Yamahas and Ibanez in that price range, they are all fantastic and you can’t go wrong. But really there’s a huge number of great instruments in that price range and others should have good suggestions too.


The Squier Paranormal J Bass looks great, many say it is the best model Squier has made. That the model is almost sold out everywhere says something for it.

I recently went with a Fender Player Jazz, and I really like it, but I am so new my opinions should be taken with a grain of salt.

While getting my Jazz they accidently sent me a G&L and I was really impressed with the quality of the instrument. They have several models in your range. If I was buying now I would give them a hard look.

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Famous last words :joy:

I think the bug has already bitten you, and so, I’ll start my timer :grin:

But, seriously, as @howard said, there is a ton of options for really good basses in the 700-1000 dollar range. Each one of us here could probably give you their top choice in that price range, but that doesn’t help you much as we all have different tastes and different aspects we go for in a bass.

So, it’s all about getting your hands on a lot of basses and giving them a try to see, hear and feel them. Since you have a budget, this is actually a fun process - enjoy!!


I grabbed a slightly used Ibanez SR650 and cannot fault it in any way.
But if you shop carefully the world is literally your oyster.
Go try a heap of different stuff and you just might be surprised what you end up with .

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Yeah the used market really opens things up.