The Quiet One

Great documentary on Hulu about The Rolling Stones bassist, Bill Wyman. It was so good, I watched it twice.
Wyman is one of my favorite bass players of all time.


This one?


oooh i’m going to watch this tonight. :+1:

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Yes. I didn’t realize it was on YouTube also.


Watched it (a little yesterday and just finished the rest today - in between work calls). Great video! Amazing to be that successful and still so humble. Thanks @PamPurrs for bringing it up and @Mike_NL for posting the YT clip.

PS - Yet another reason why I love the Blues! There is a line from one of my favorite (guitar playing) artists Tab Benoit who sings the song “The Blues is Here to Stay” which says…
“…What would this world be without BB King, Without Bobby Blue Bland doin his thing, Without T Bone Walker and Howl’in Wolf, Without Bessie and Big Mama strutt’in thier stuff. There’d be no Elvis no Jerry Lee. A young Eric Clapton would have never crossed the sea, Without old Light’in, Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters to grow up on, Hey the Beatles and the Stones they’d have never left home, no no….”