Thoughts on the Fender Musting Micro headphone amp

I have the VOX headphone amp for Bass, it is pretty handy, lately I have noticed a decline in performance. I have been getting a lot of email ads for the Fender Micro headphone amp. Anybody have any experience with this product? Will it work for the Bass? I know the VOX has a Bass model and a guitar model.


It would be more of the same between the 2 models. I have/had both. I gave the micro mustang to one of the kids and kept the Vox. Mainly because I like the look of the Vox.


You are better off with the NUX than the Fender, more tone options.
Or you can go big for the Boss WAZA (which, when I got it I sold my NUX and VOX) - tis a whole 'nother level.


Nope. Guitar only. It’s miles above the Amplug in terms of quality.

Are you sure about this? I don’t have one, but I was pretty sure that it worked with bass - pretty sure I saw a lot of bass players loving theirs. But, I could be mistaken…

Yeah I’m sure. It’s based on the Mustang GTX amp. You can use it ofc if you like using guitar amps for bass. You prob need to EQ a lot.

If you want to play with different bass amp profiles I would get the Nux instead. Just my 2 cents.