Too good of a sale? 97% off?

Meh, Im skeptical on the value of things discounted like this.

Not even sure what these plugins do, but perhaps @howard will know. To err on the safe side, decided to share.



Those are entry level versions of among the best mixing and mastering plugins you can buy, along with a bunch of other cool stuff.

Welcome to the world of DAW plugin pricing :slight_smile:

The best rule of thumb is β€œthe sale price is the real price.” Things go on sale like this all the time. Never buy plugins at full price.

I would not buy this from Sweetwater though, I would use PluginBoutique and get all the free stuff they give out when buying from them. You can assemble a pretty vast array of plugins that way.

In general though, no reason to buy this unless you need it. But even the Elements versions of those plugins are great; Ozone and Neutron especially.

And $49, it turns out, is a very common sale price for iZotope Elements.