Totally excited!

Sorry for this pretty much uninteresting topic, but I felt like shouting this:
1 week Bassbuzz lessons, 1h+ training per day, and I already reached module 3, playing U2 fast workout with almost no misses !
This is simply amazing ! Feels like I must have been a bass player in a previous life or something…grins

Anyhow, thanks so much Josh for this course, I am progressing with some speed I’d have never trusted I’d reach !


Good for you, @xdelanoy . . . :slight_smile:

Sounds as if you’re off to a great start . . . but beware that there are also a lot of slow or “bad” days on the course, too! :frowning:

Overall, you’re doing great though!



Many thanks @Jazzbass19 , I am sure there will, else…i’d get worried that I hadn’t made the accurate career choice formerly :grin:
I’ll publish my first videos in a few days, so I can get a full lot of criticism on my way to be playing…am I just loving myself too much as a new bass player ?


Keep it up, @xdelanoy! Just be aware that there’s a certain person in your future… I won’t mention her name, but she’s not his lover… She’s just a girl :grin:


That’s awesome @xdelanoy , and it’s a glorious feeling isn’t it?!?

As others have mentioned, there is a certain girl awaiting your arrival, and she will ambush you from the shadows. She is so notorious there’s a statue of her on the B2B campus (right behind the student lounge).


Now this is intriguing :smiley:


When you meet her, just put on your Bass Face :tm: and groove. It’ll work out. She’ll try to convince you that you are the one. Don’t let her fool you.


Congratulations @xdelanoy! B2B is an awesome course for sure!
Best of luck with the rest of the course!


Darn , why I am only figuring out now you are all talking about Billy Jean ? :laughing:


Congratulations on your progress!!:heart:
I am finishing module 10 and find the whole course totally satisfying. Although the initial excitement (yeah! I can do it! It’s great) gradually turned into melancholy (there are so many paths and with my mediocrity, life is not enough for me to learn all what I want, lol :sweat_smile:).
Oh, and please don’t worry about Billie Jean, she’s not that bad!! Learning this was a fun experience :joy:

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Didn’t want to spoil the surprise… :eyes: