Totally wierd

I just picked up my strat for the first time in about three years and OMG!! How on earth did I play this thing (badly is the correct answer)? it feels like a toy!!! Tiny little neck and the strings are so thin I thought I was going to snap everyone tuning it up! For anyone starting out on guitar and struggling with finger strength for fretting, just give yourself a month on the bass first. You won’t have a problem with guitar after (well you will but a different problem). :laughing:


What about that dreaded F-Chord barre? :slightly_smiling_face:


or any barre


I’ve never found Barre chords difficult, well maybe when I was 14 but not in recent memory :smirk:.
In the past I have always switched between 6 string and bass on a fairly regular basis but whilst i’ve been playing bass almost daily for the last three years I haven’t picked up a six string once. When you have that break and then pick up a six stting it’s, well just weird.


So many fingers to put in such a tiny fret



It is a good idea to loosen off the strings a bit when they are stored for any length of time like that.
Usually when manufacturers ship guitars they usually back off the string tension to help the neck in shipping.


A lot of times I would just play a mini F chord inversion by moving the D chord up 3 frets.

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