Tuner shims or bushings or something?

So, I’m replacing the neck on one of my basses. Its current neck has the small sized tuners, a la Ibanez or Carvin basses. The new neck has larger tuner holes, a la Fender Jazz/Precision basses.

Is there an adapter or shim or bushing of some sort I can get so that I can continue to use the smaller peg tuners in the larger hole? I’ve been searching for a bit, but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for (or maybe I have, but I didn’t realize it).


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I found a lot of “conversion bushings” for guitars. All I found for bass were these and they are out of stock:

for putting 16mm tuners into 18mm holes.

Otherwise you could glue some dowels into the holes and redrill as a more extreme/permanent solution.


Teflon tape. I do this all the time.

Unless you are talking GIANT gaps.
But a few mm and you are fine.
It is a common solve for this.