Greetings my name is Allen, I am an Over the Road Truck Driver. I am very much interested in wanting to learn how to play the Bass Guitar. My only problem is that I am driving most of the time. I am determined to learn how to play my Bass Guitar. Any suggestions?


I am far from an expert on this, but I understand that a lot of truck stops have wi-fi. So maybe an acoustic bass to learn while you are on the road would do it.


Hey Allen! @nicholas.richino’s idea of keeping an acoustic in the cab sounds smart. Not to mention you’ve got almost infinite hours to listen to new music whil driving, although I’m sure you have to be careful not to get too absorbed in the music!

And yeah, maybe you could use the Outdoor WiFi network at a truck stop to stream lessons in the cab? Or sit inside at the Denny’s at the Flying J, or wherever else you are. (I’m well acquainted with the stops across the country from my last touring band :slight_smile: )


Thank you very much for responding to my text message. I will definitely be purchasing your Beginners Bass Guitar
lessons. I just hope that it can teach me how to play my Bass Guitar. Again Thank you so very much.


Hello, Allen. I am also a working man who wants to play some bass. As far as I had tried some learning ways, this site sound trusty. Josh promised a slime refund. But if you would like to spent time with this site, there are rewards.


You got it Allen, hope bassing it up on the road goes great, keep in touch!

And I’m not sure what a “slime refund” is @meyouem, but if it’s anything like a 1-year money back guarantee, then yes, we offer that. :stuck_out_tongue:


If space is at all an issue, check out the U-Bass. They are very cool, they don’t take up much room, and they still sound pretty dang good. I would take one with me when our band would tour. It was small enough to play in the back seats, and easy to stash anywhere. Happy trails.