Useful Safari extension to slow down/speed up videos (and skip ads!)

The thread asking about software to slow the tempo of music in Spotify inspired me to share this useful extension I use. It doesn’t work for Spotify and unfortunately only works on Safari, but if you use Safari I highly recommend it! It’s called Dynamo and it lets you slow down or speed up videos in increments of 0.1 instead of the usual 0.25. It also uses keyboard commands, so changing the speed of the video can be done on the fly.

I find it useful when playing along to a song on YouTube and needing to slow it down a lot and then gradually build up speed. Of course, YouTube can do this too but you have limited options with how slow it goes.

Finally the best feature is that you can skip video ads with one keystroke! Saves a ton of time, and unlike other ad-blocking extensions I believe this way the content creators still receive revenue from ads while you get to skip them.

It does cost $0.99 but I’ve found it to be worth the price.


Looks ideal but it’s only available on MacOS from what I can see ? Shame if it is but I do know there’s a good few Max users on here that could find it very useful :+1:


Yes that is the biggest downside, it is only available for MacOS.


Apple used to ship versions of Safari for Windows. It’s good that they no longer do that - it was not good.

On the mac it’s my go-to browser though.

I saw a few similar ones on the Chrome extensions store but I haven’t used them so can’t recommend any.


I use this extension for Chrome, which provides a slider to control playback speed when using Spotify in Chrome. It works well for me. It’s also free.



Here is some some free stuff for other OSs and browsers:

Video Speed Controller
Playback Speed
YouTube Speed Controller

Video Speed Controller (re-coded for Chrome from the original 'Fox add-on)