Volume on "D" String

I have what I think is a problem. As I was working through Module 4, on the workouts, which involve crossing the “G” string to the “D” string, I noticed that the “G” string appears to be louder than the “D” string. Especially when working around the first and 2nd fret. When I cross from “G” back to “D” at the second fret, the change is drastic. This is on my Jazz bass and happens no matter how my pickups are set. Could this be me perceiving the higher pitch as being louder or would something be wrong in pickup height or something like that. I am just curious. Never noticed it before. Otherwise, it plays and sounds great.


Is it the whole string or just a fret or two?
If whole string check string height first perhaps, then pickup height.
If only a fret or two, could be a dead spot on your fretboard.


It is just on the first and second frets. The note sounds great and will sustain for a long time. Just seems to be lower volume. I did have it set up, then I lowered it even more. I may have lowered the action a little too low. I have noticed when muting, the string I am resting on, if it touches the pickup, it will pop a little. I may have went overboard in my desire to have a really low action to the point it (the pickup magnet) is disrupting the vibration.

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