Week 2 - "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

I decided to go for the Credence Clearwater Revival look… but my wife tells me I have to trim the beard today or else. So I’d better submit something now!

It is not pretty. But should be interesting for me in a few months to help measure my progress. Loving the course and the forum, but struggling over the last couple of weeks to balance my time… Probably bit off more than I can chew trying to record a cover at this stage of my learning!

Seems to me that I tense up when I start trying to record myself. Then timing goes a bit off. Then I miss a couple of notes… And its all a bit hesitant.

So main note to self after watching my own video: relax, enjoy the journey, and go for it!

Recorded on a Harley Benton bass ukulele, using the NUX Mighty Plug as a USB audio interface to free OBS software with ASIO plugin running on a Windows 10 PC.


You did a good job for a first cover and you have a good mindset about it. I think it’s great to get involved. Doing full songs really helps you improve as a bassist, but also increases your understanding of song structure. Sure you had some stumbles, but when you settled in the groove, you did really well. It’s not easy to relax when you are focusing on the backing music (temp), the tab, your left-hand, and your right-hand. Something we’re all working on. I think it’s more of a challenge to not have a thumb rest, but I’ve not actually tried that. I thought the tone of an acoustic fit the song well and that’s a cool little bass. Didn’t know HB made those. Might have to grab one. Overall, good job on your first cover and keep enjoying the journey and don’t forget to breathe. :slight_smile: Looking forward to your next one.


Yeah, same here. The first time I recorded myself I became really self conscious. Suddenly I felt this pressure to “get it right”. Nonsense obviously, as I can try as many times as I like and no one will ever know. What helps me is not to look at myself playing on my phone screen, because that really throws me off.

When I wanted to record this song, I tried at least ten times before I gave up. The last three or four attempts, each one was worse than the previous one. Of course, when I did manage to play it decently, I had forgotten to press Record on either my DAW or my camera. So I tried again a couple of days later. Practiced the song once and then recorded it in one take.

If you’re anything like me, it will get better as you do it more often, so keep at it! Oh yeah, love the tone of that bass uke by the way :+1:


I knew I’d miss out something important.

and I recognise that pattern too!

Thanks guys for the encouragement and support. This community and this challenge are really helping me to enjoy the journey and push myself.

The bass is a lefty bass ukulele, and is a lovely little instrument. I had to file the fret ends a little to smooth them. And you can’t adjust the intonation on the uke, so I tune it so that it is equally nearly in tune on the open string and the 12th fret! Playing it with the NUX makes a very light, fun rig and I’m enjoying exploring the tone opportunities!


Great job @pauls1024! And it sounded great with the Bass Uke.


Great job @pauls1024, few misses here and there but that is expected for sure. Keep up the good work and don’t stress about anything that is supposed to be fun.

I put one of these on my U bass, they have 3 different shapes in the bag for your thumb’s enjoyment/preference.


@pauls1024 nice work. Like you, I was hesitant to join in this challenge but this is definitely going to help everyone’s playing. The recorded result in my humble opinion is very much second to the process of learning a new song.
You now know a song, end to end, on the bass. I’m not good enough to critique anyone’s playing (I know just enough to be dangerous, as my father would say). But it looks like you’re having fun and that my friend, is what it should be about. :slight_smile: